More of Willem’s past is revealed, as well as a possible plan to take back the surface from the 17 beasts. Hello To Old Friends: Willem, Souwong, Eboncandle The person that was asking for Willem, it was the Great Sage. The man who made these floating cities possible. However, 500 years ago, he was simply…

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More of Willem’s past is revealed, as well as a possible plan to take back the surface from the 17 beasts.

Hello To Old Friends: Willem, Souwong, Eboncandle

The person that was asking for Willem, it was the Great Sage. The man who made these floating cities possible. However, 500 years ago, he was simply Souwong to Willem. A kid who, alongside the red head we saw in the first episode, joined him in battle. Now though, he is this man known for creating the floating islands and saving a multitude of races from the 17 beasts [note]Who were created by a cult known as “True World” who created them by accident after trying to make functioning biological weapons[/note] who haunt and dominate the surface.

Though, naturally, no mere human, now an immortal, could have created all these islands alone. The being that Willem defeated, that petrified him, Eboncandle, helped. For, despite whatever kind of evil you might have thought it was, it seemingly is anything but now. It, at best, is a talking skull whose powers are mostly dedicated to keeping the islands floating. Making it so it cannot heal and return to its former glory.


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Would it be wrong to have mixed feelings about this? I mean, while it was nice to learn Willem was formerly known as the “Black Agate Swordmaster” and that he was well known for tuning swords, neither Souwong nor Eboncandle seemed like the perfect people to deliver that. If only because they were both made into slightly comical characters and it pretty much ruined things. For Souwong, while it is understood he saw Willem as a big brother, and so he would naturally revert to acting like a little kid, those moments seemed more meant for comedic effect than establishing their relationship.

Same goes for Eboncandle. How are you going to turn this huge menacing beast, the one who killed Willem, into this joking skull? This being was formidable, surprised it was slain and started off their present conversation with how they would battle forever and was quickly hushed and dismissed.

Acknowledging this show doesn’t stick to any single genre, be it action, comedy, or some kind of drama, I must say it bouncing around does it more harm than good. Especially because it weakens the serious moments like what is noted below.

What The Future Could Hold: Chtholly, Willem, Souwong, Eboncandle

With Souwong discovering Willem is alive, so comes the idea of retaking the surface. For between their shared knowledge and the fact Souwong has necromancy powers, hence the faeries like Chtholly, he thinks they could win. Problem is, Willem isn’t willing to sacrifice these girls to take the surface. Especially since Souwong is very nonchalant about them dying and just making new ones, out of the lost souls of children.

Leading to the explanation of Chtholly’s visions. Whatever soul she was made from, if not souls, are starting to break her psyche. Yet, because of how badly she wanted to see Willem, after speaking with Elq, who looks like a child version of the infamous red head, she returns from what looks like a comatose state. Making for a touching moment between her and Willem. One which surely will be short lived.


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All the jokiness of the Souwong and Eboncandle section sort of ruined the tone needed to setup Chtholly’s moment with Willem. Though it didn’t help that Chtholly’s would be “mental disintegration” didn’t include something terrifying or creepy. If anything, we were just presented with irritating and red-hued memories of this kid named Elq. All of which weren’t violent or traumatic.

Thus putting a serious damper on Chtholly seemingly losing her mind to the point of becoming comatose. For with Elq being some friendly kid and there being no triggering memories pushed onto Chtholly’s psyche, it made her whole breakdown just awkward. If only because it was hard to take seriously. Making it where, when she woke up after hearing Willem’s voice, and they embrace, it didn’t mean all that much. It just seemed part of their usual back and forth between bliss and annoyance.

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