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SukaSuka: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Starry Road to Tomorrow” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Willem continues to grow closer to the girls, Chtholly especially, it pushes him more and more to find ways to better them in combat so they won’t be forced to sacrifice themselves.

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Hanging on By a Thread (Willem and Chtholly)

After defeating a legendary beast, Willem was ready to die. Hell, his body was too. However, he was cursed and petrified. Only to be discovered centuries later. Yet, with the way Nygglatho talks about his state, it seems the damage from his legendary fight remains. A lot of his bones are broken, or weak, his organs are just functioning enough for him to move about but, in general, he is just hanging in there. Thus explaining perhaps why, in the first episode, he says to Garick that he can’t fight. For just sparring with Chtholly, to see what she can do, and even with not taking a single hit, it lands him in the infirmary.

Yet, it isn’t just how weak he is that surprises everyone. It is when Nygglatho reveals he is a human. Something which explains his talents for using Dug weapons and holding off Chtholly like she was a child with a wooden sword. But while he may have taken the physical damage, Chtholly took the mental. She now finds herself questioning the idea of using the Fairy Gate to sacrifice herself. After all, there is so much she has yet to experience so to kill herself at such a young age? It’s hard to accept any more. She did once before but now Willem has opened up a whole new realm of possibility.

One which, Officer Limeskin supports. For, at the end of the day, he just wants results. So Fairy Gate or not, as long as when the creature appears it gets defeats, he’ll be happy.


Something about this show constantly makes me feel like we are on the cusp of a truly emotional moment. Yet, something about the dialog, characters, or animation keeps me from bawling crying. I mean, maybe I’m just a sap but this whole story seems like it should have a more remorseful tone, does it not? Some type of scene where the weight of the situation should just hit you.

I mean, we have a man who is multiple centuries old and wasn’t allowed to die and be with his loved ones. Now, he is the last of his kind and his kind are considered the Nazis of their universe. A species so despicable that multiple races of beings joined forces to wipe them out and now they face the monsters they left behind.

Add onto that, you have a huge group of girls all made to die for their world. One in which they don’t even reach an age of maturity to find love, maybe have kids and find a reason to fight besides duty. On top of that, so it seems, they don’t even really get quality training. Their potential is all that matters and if they can wield a dug weapon good enough. From there, the training may be on the battlefield. Something I hope we get to see soon for I feel like Chtholly and Willem’s fight scene should be just a taste, something to get us ready for a real battle. Especially considering we get to see one of the human’s creations and it looks like a bad ass. Much less they seem to be able to talk so I’d love to hear what they have to say.

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