While the first episode was a bit rough, what was the highlight of the head and tail ends of that episode get spread out throughout this one. Especially as you realize the purpose of all these young girls.

Episode Focus: What You Truly Are (Willem)

While Willem, thanks to his cooking, is able to win over the children, there remains a disconnect. Partly because he doesn’t want to get too close but also because he doesn’t fully know what these girls are. However, Nygglatho reveals what they are is weapons. Though, to be more exact, faeries masquerading as humans, now commonly called Emnertsihts, who wield weapons made by humans to fight the 17 creations which wiped out humankind.

Said weapons formerly known as Carillons, now Dug Weapons. They are weld by the likes of Chtholly, who we met in the last episode, as well as Ithea, a cat-eared girl who we get to know in this one [note]Chtholly wields the Seniorious, which a friend of Willem weld, and Ithea a sword named Valgulious. [/note].

Leading to how this episode takes on the serious nature which we saw at the beginning and end of the first episode, we see Chtholly and Ithea come back from battle. Now, from what it seems, it isn’t from battling one of the “17 Beasts” but something which leaves both girls roughed up and Chtholly even poisoned. However, from what Chtholly tells us, in 5 days one of the beasts, through a Timere release [note]From what it seems, the beast cannot fly to the sky islands. However, parts of their body can float and from there they can attack. It is all rather confusing and even the fact the girls can predict the attacks harbors the need for further questions.[/note], shall attack island 15 and through sacrificing her life, she’ll barely be able to beat it. Leaving her to hope that, in her final days, Willem will be kind to her and even grant a final request: A kiss.


I was seriously going to drop this series but then I checked out Season Prattle’s Review and Karandi’s Review and a small chat with Prattle, I decided to do just one more. Of which I’m so glad I did for this show presented just the right amount of twisted I needed. That and it gave me a sort of Cross Ange vibe that these girls were made, or forced into, defending a world which likely doesn’t care for them all that much. Yet, this feeling of purpose drives them in a way.

However, as seen with Chtholly, and her wanting to remain in someone’s heart, it shows that as dead inside as some of these kids seem, the older ones, like Chtholly, [note]Who seemingly is the oldest at 15[/note] aren’t as indifferent to life. Though to complicate matters, we have Willem who isn’t trying to go through watching the people he loves die as his own life is spared. So with Chtholly wielding the sword someone precious to him used to yield, it will be interesting to see how the emotional element of this show comes into play. Especially as we get to fully understand what happened during the final days of mankind and what Willem personally experienced of it.

With that said, I do hope there is some clarification on where these girls are coming from and how they react to the fate they are given. Much less, I’m really hoping when we finally get to see a real action scene, it lives up to this hype I’m slowly building in my head. For if there is one thing which makes any action oriented anime worth it, it’s the idea that the characters involved have emotions, fear losing something, and have dreams besides winning or surviving one more fight. For that is what you, as a viewer, get tied up in and what makes you loyal. Which, as of this episode, I find myself being to this program.

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  1. Avatar of Karandi

    I’ve got this episode to watch later this evening and I’m looking forward to it. Yes, it could all still end up a generic mess but episode 1 showed quite a bit of promise.

  2. Avatar of prattle

    I’m really happy you stuck it out with this one! The source material has received nothing but praise from what I’ve seen and so far, its been adapted rather smoothly.

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