As Izetta is exposed to the press, the Germanian army contemplates how real is Izetta and what is her weakness?

Review (with Spoilers)

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We’re about 5 episodes in and I think I pretty much lost any excitement I had about this show. For more on “A False Miracle” a rather interesting title, to say the least, look below.

Main Plot (with Commentary)


Izetta premieres as planned following Finé’s coronation as archduchess and everything largely goes as plan. That is until the Germanian forces decide to attack an area where Izetta can’t wield her powers. Thus leading to creative measures being taken to keep up the illusion that Izetta is invincible and all powerful.


Berkman has been absent for a bit on the show, but he returns as the emperor announces the reason for the war against Eylstadt is pretty much to secure a route to the Mediterranean and Germanian’s allies the Romulus Federation. This task, alongside capturing Izetta for the emperor is quite keen on using her powers, is Berkman’s task. So, for now, he decides to bide his time, now rush in wild and awkwardly as his peers, for with him working in the special unit, he need not head into battle at first opportunity. Hence why he recruits Captain Basler, who lost many of his men when Izetta destroyed their planes. For if he is to not only find this witch’s weakness but also take her down, he needs someone who fought against her and survived.


Little Jonas returns and it seems he’ll have a friend which is a Germanian spy. Which is unfortunate for Jonas overhears Sieghart Muller speak on the ruse the soldiers saw. Thus making him a liability. One which could threaten the kingdom if he speaks of word of what he heard to anyone.


The Eventual Discovery

Sooner or later the Germanian army is going to learn Izetta isn’t all powerful and that is possibly when things could get interesting. Until then, though…


The Show Has Become Boring

With Izetta killing indiscriminately, causing huge explosions in what looks like a city, so ends any sense that this show may live up to its believed potential in episode 1. For the political element of the show has become naught. The violence is very hushed not and no longer are there assassinations and this feeling anyone of importance could die on a moment’s notice. Then, with Izetta, while it is great she isn’t invincible, what happened to that girl who seemed to have guilt over killing another human being? Is her love for Finé so strong she doesn’t care about murdering people in mass and destroying infrastructure? Could this perhaps be why her grandmother and other witches didn’t like the original white Witch? Not necessarily because she exposed them but because she killed for their oppressors? Much less, using their magic to do so?

Then, on top of that, despite how legendary she became, perhaps her grandmother, and others, were mad that the white Witch didn’t change anything. Witches remained nomads, pariahs of society, and this is after them aiding the humans they once were gods of and now feared.

Either way, it is becoming increasingly hard to think of reasons to keep following this show. For while the Germanian army one day figuring out Izetta’s secret seems like a decent reason, it isn’t enough. So consider this show on probation and unless episode 6 is a rebound, I’m tapping out and discontinuing this.

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Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted.

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  1. I found episode 5 a significant improvement on episode 4 but you are right in that this show is fast becoming generic and predictable and it needs to really pick itself up if it is going to recapture some of the magic that seemed to be there in the first couple of episodes. Thanks for sharing.

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