Shuumatsu no Izetta (Izetta: The Last Witch): Season 1/ Episode 4 "The Secret of the Witch" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


A council of sorts is created to debate how can Izetta play a role in the war at hand, much less if she is as capable as they need her to be.

Review (with Spoilers)

Perhaps one of the few positive things about the switch to WordPress is that there is a certain community aspect to this place. For example, Karandi of 100 Word Anime had a nice back and forth about episode 3 (link to their review here). Which is so nice for sometimes I was left wondering if it is just me questioning why certain decisions were made. But, thankfully, in this episode, it seems any complaint I had, outside of the tone shift, which has arguably gotten worse, is noted. For more on “The Secret of the Witch” see below.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Princess Finé

With her father dead means she is to become the archduke and she seems pretty confident about it. All of her father’s advisors don’t challenge her and they seem all but ready to help. Leaving you to wonder if perhaps there could be a traitor in her midst?


Everything rides on Izetta. The fate of Eylstady rests on this child’s shoulders as she assumes the role of the 2nd coming of the White Witch. Someone we learn isn’t necessarily universally loved, at least among witches. Yet, with the upbringing Izetta has had, even with her being uncomfortable with Finé’s lavish lifestyle, she protected her from death. So, with that, she reveals her weakness which is: her powers aren’t strong everywhere. But, with her learning where the Ley Lines are, it seems she will be able to help more than she originally thought. However, with her openly revealing to Finé’s council what the Ley Lines are, which is where her powers are strong, weak, or non-existent, again you are left to wonder if she may have doomed herself. Especially since the council has decided to reveal, during Finé’s coronation, Izetta’s existence as both a deterrent and hopefully a means of getting the allies to support them.


Social Class System

With the introduction of Finé’s maid Lotte, so comes into play the class system. Something which certainly isn’t foreign, for in each episode it is talked about how from the common man to the aristocrat they all love Finé. However, I feel the more Izetta opens her mouth, and we are introduced to other people who are not of the wealthier classes, so comes a bit more depth to Eylstady society. Not to the point they all have their own lives like some form of Downton Abbey, but I will say that Lotte was probably one of the few characters introduced who I didn’t forget by the time the episode ended.

Izetta’s Limitations

The fear which rose in the last episode of Izetta being overpowered is solved by having certain areas rendering her useless. With this, now the Germanian army still poses a threat. Much less the possibility of some Russian type of country which could attack Eylstady from the east.

I Smell Betrayal

The changing of power is going far too smooth right now and while the political drama of the show hasn’t been there since episode one, I think it may return. For with an introduction to the Germanian king, my spidey senses are tingling that he has an inside person. The only question is: who? Much less, could said person be the one who revealed the rumors of Izetta’s existence in the first place? Never mind helped with her original capture?

Low Points


In the opening, we see Izetta’s breasts on display and in past episodes, she was but a few inches from revealing how women looked down there before razors were a common thing. In this episode, it gets a bit worse since between the bouncing, Izetta being naked for ¼ of the episode, and a new character named Elvira groping her and Finé… well, let’s just say that while straight up nudity shouldn’t be expected, this show likely will skirt the line.

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  1. Thanks for the link.
    This episode definitely didn’t stack up with the previous ones. It is laying some ground work and filling in some story gaps but it is also giving us bath scenes and generally just lowering the overall tone of the show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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