Shuumatsu no Izetta (Izetta: The Last Witch): Season 1/ Episode 3 "The Sword in the Heavens" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


The Germanian army thinks they are about to deal what should be the final blow before they cut the head off of the Kingdom of Eylstady, but then comes Izetta.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: We Have All But Won (Jonas)

We are introduced to a young Eylstady soldier named Jonas. A boy of a family of around, let’s say 5, who is so inept. Yet, he wants to, or was forced to, defend his kingdom and he does so with pride. Even as people die around him constantly. For he is his brother’s keeper and the defender of women and children.


One thing which is starting to bug me about this show is that only Izetta and Finé are the characters whose names are said enough for you to remember them, and have been developed, in some form or fashion, so that they don’t seem like they are here today, killed by the opposition tomorrow.

Topic 2: The True Power of The White Witch (Izetta)

For quite some time it seemed Copenenberg would fall, the capital would follow, and all the Germanian generals would have to do is just wait as their bombs rain terror from the sky and their tanks plow the fields. Then Izetta, against Finé’s wishes, joins the battle using just swords and lances from the medieval era. With that, planes are shot out of the sky, the swords are used to protect her against tank rounds and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t flip and destroy 1 tank, but 16. Thus turning the tide of the battle, if not the war.


This was kind of my fear when it comes to this show. Izetta being so overpowered that she seems nearly invincible. Now, let it be noted she does get scratched up a bit, but that tone of the first episode in which it seemed like anyone could die, keep on your toe, count your blessings – that is gone. Granted, some of the deaths of characters introduced this episode was brutal, but it means nothing without some sort of build.

Topic 3: One Battle Won, But a General Lost (Finé)

With the battle at Coenenberg won, unfortunately there comes the loss of Eylstady’s archduke. Meaning Princess Finé is now the archduchess of Eylstady and the fate of their kingdom rests firmly in her hands. Thankfully, she has long won over the people and with Izetta by her side, it seems the kingdom may just stand a chance.


With us knowing very little about Finé’s father comes hardly any feelings over his death. It just seems like part of a natural progression vs. a great loss.


  • The Action Was Something Else, And Kind of Brutal

This is a war based on the most violent war most people can think of. So naturally, there has to be corpses and brutality. Something not as played up upon once Izetta got involved, but when it was just Jonas things felt very real.

Low Points

  • Need To Establish And Develop Characters On Both Sides

I think at this point a foundation has been laid. So, with that now done, I hope they start building up these characters. For just doing a single name drop and then moving on is making people very forgettable. Which is perhaps the one thing holding this series back from being brilliant.

  • Something About The Tone Feels Off

In the beginning, it seemed that everyone’s life was up for grabs but now that has changed. Part of the reason is because, as noted above, it is hard to tell who is truly important or not. With that comes the feeling that there needs to be compensation. One could argue the violence and battle scene should compensate, but while brutal on its own it feels tame when looked at in the grand scheme of things and especially tame if you make comparisons to similar programs. Making something feel off. Like we should be taking this show as a serious drama instead of a lightweight action anime with a little too much talking just to fill air time.

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