Still, on the train to Garm, terrorist attack, and Ashuna shows everyone that the blade she carries isn’t some accessory.

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Still, on the train to Garm, terrorist attack, and Ashuna shows everyone that the blade she carries isn’t some accessory.

Aired 4/15/2022
Network HiDive
Directed By Shigeru Ueda
Written By Shōgo Yasukawa


No Damsel In Distress Here – Ashuna, Momo

With the common folk having a beef with the noble class, as much as the noble class does with the Faust, terrorists try to kidnap Ashuna and the train to Gram to coerce the nobility to release their leader. That doesn’t go well at all, despite there being more than a dozen of them, as Ashuna takes out a good bunch, as does Momo.

But, with Momo and Ashuna coming face to face, so comes the answer as to why Ashuna is on the train: She is hoping to encounter the executioner who likely killed who was summoned. If not a Faust just to take out her frustrations on. Sadly, this means Momo has to deal with her, and they fight for the rest of the episode.

Déjà vu? – Akira, Menou

While Momo and Ashuna took out most of the terrorists and spent the rest of the time fighting each other, Menou handles the situation that was going on in her train car and then the engine room. There she learns that the terrorist had a backup plan for if they get captured, which causes them to lose their lives to become some sort of magical creature. This being, seemingly meant to cause the train to derail and cause some kind of damage, Menou faces off alone at first.

However, curious and not listening to her original order, Akira makes her way to the front, and during Menou’s battle, she feels a shift and gets a sense of Déjà vu. It isn’t addressed at the moment because there is no time, but after Menou handles the magical being and stops the train, she ponders if maybe Akira used her magic to keep something bad from happening. But she doesn’t ask, so we don’t get a confirmation.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So are the common people trying to have an uprising as much as the Noble class?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Momo and Ashuna still fighting
  2. Menou learning Akira has used her powers multiple times, and Menou is just starting to recognize it



Has Akira Been Rewinding Time More Than We Know?

While Akira is still fairly new to the world, there is a need to question, was she around long enough to be tested? From what we’ve seen, the nobles are doing their best to mask the incoming people able to use Pure Concepts, and I would think with Akira’s vast potential, between her being summoned and given a room, there had to be one test, right? Maybe even multiple ones considering, even with the Four Human Errors, people are still being summoned.

Because, on thing I don’t fully understand is, how would Akira know how to use her power otherwise? It isn’t a innate thing to go back in time for her. Her powers only manifested last time due to Menou trying to kill her. So was this an emotional reaction that triggered her powers, or was that glitch not Akira related?

On The Fence

The Fight Scenes

Ashuna and Momo having a standoff

Not every show is going to have awe-inspiring battles, and The Executioner and Her Way Of Life is one of them. Whether it is how the terrorist are handled, including the magic being they made, or Momo v. Ashuna, there isn’t much to see here. However, it could be worse.

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Akira and Menou smiling at one another
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Has Akira Been Rewinding Time More Than We Know?
The Fight Scenes

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