Mid-Title Card featuring Menue's pocket watch

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With Menue’s next target being far more difficult than the last, it pushes her to spend time with Akari, who may make Menue question her role as an executioner.

Aired 4/8/2022
Network HiDive
Directed By Yoshiki Kawasaki
Written By Shōgo Yasukawa
Introduced This Episode
Ashuna MAO
Akari Moe Kahara


Harder Than What I’m Used To – Akari, Menue, Momo. Archbishop

While taken aback by Akari at first, Menue has a script she goes by and tries to stick to the plan. However, upon trying to assassinate Akari, Menue learns her Pure Concept is Time, and with that, any attempt on Akari’s life will just cause time to reverse, and it’ll be like nothing ever happened.

This complicates things and forces Menue to stick with Akari longer than she, and especially Momo, would prefer. It even leads to Menue calling in the Archibishop, who says to bring Akari to Garm, and she’ll handle it.

This Isn’t A School Trip – Akari, Menue, Momo

Akari (Moe Kahara) having breakfast with Menue
Akari (Moe Kahara)

When it comes to being “rescued,” Akari doesn’t protest much, if at all. Menue coming out of nowhere, pushing her to escape from the castle, and having her sleep in the church? All of this is done without questions or complaints. Well, outside of Momo, who complains about someone getting all the time and attention she has had since she was a little girl.

But luckily for Momo, this should be over soon as the trip to Garm isn’t a long romantic trip, as Akari thinks of it. Menue’s world is modern, so it is just a train ride and maybe some walking. Either way, before those two even leave, Menue and Momo have a bit of a tiff since the King is being charged with heresy, and Momo is expected to stay for the trial. She refuses outright and instead says she is going to, from the shadows, watch Akari as she doesn’t trust her.

Which, with a limited amount of time to deal with Akari, Menue decides to not continue the back and forth and just focus on the main task at hand.

The Incident At The Train Station – Ashuna, Menue, Akari

Being on the run means Menue needs Akari to keep a low profile. For even if Akari’s powers are simply reversing time, mainly to provide a healing effect, her not being in possession of the Noblesse makes her a target. Unfortunately, despite the warning, Akari sees a child who is lost and hurt themselves and decided to use her powers to heal the child.

Because of this, Menue had to use her ether (magic) to create a distraction. Which, in the long run, wasn’t needed since the princess of the land, Ashuna, with a blade in her possession, arrives at the train station heading to the same place as Menue and Akari. Thus taking up everyone’s attention and making Akari’s glowing finger of no importance to anyone but Menue.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. After 4 separate, world-changing incidents, why are people from our world still called to theirs?
  2. How many kingdoms are there, and do they all operate under Faust control?
  3. Who discovered the magic to bring people to this world, and did they share it, or was it stolen?
  4. Are there people from Menue’s world with pure concept abilities?

What Could Happen Next

  1. A power vacuum thanks to the King being executed



World Building Continuing

From understanding how ether works to hearing about the fall of the King, and a handful of other matters, The Executioner and Her Way Of Life continues to present a lived-in world with a culture and ways about it that have been studied and detailed. Add in the breakdown of the Four Human Errors and allowing us to understand what they are, and it further pushes you to understand why people like Akari, as kind as they may seem, are a threat. Especially since using their power guarantees them eventually going mad and becoming destructive.

On The Fence


What is bugging us about Akari is that, as much as we wouldn’t mind a yuri element, at the same time, I feel like her romanticizing spending time with Menue isn’t geared towards that. More so, it is to drive Momo crazy and likely lead to more ecchi moments dealing with each character’s breasts more than anything.

What Ashuna May Bring

Ashuna (MAO) walking into the train station
Ashuna (MAO)

Ashuna’s grand entrance looked cool because of how she is animated. However, what she may bring to the show is in question since she is the first noble person we may get to know. With that said, we do have hopes for her, especially since she is heading to Garm with a weapon. But, I must admit the high of the first episode is starting to wane little by little.

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Mid-Title Card featuring Menue's pocket watch
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World Building Continuing
What Ashuna May Bring

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