The aftermath of Azazel’s failed rebellion is predictable but not who we get to see after the credits roll. The End of Peace: Charoice, Nina, Kaisar, Azazel With Azazel and Charoice in a life or death battle, it seems to be the beginning of the end. That is, until Nina steps in, as well as…

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Kaisar stopping Charoice and Azazel from fighting.

The aftermath of Azazel’s failed rebellion is predictable but not who we get to see after the credits roll.

The End of Peace: Charoice, Nina, Kaisar, Azazel

With Azazel and Charoice in a life or death battle, it seems to be the beginning of the end. That is, until Nina steps in, as well as Kaisar. However, with Nina unable to transform, she is of no help. Then with Kaisar, he is unable to convince Charoice of a truce. Thus leading to him, alongside Nina, being held for treason. Oh, and if you thought Nina may recognize Chris or vice versa, that doesn’t happen here. He still calls for them both to be imprisoned, where Jeanne D’Arc is.

As for Azazel? Well, he gets tortured. If only because it is assumed there is a new base for demons and he knows it. That, alongside the fact Charoice wants to gloat a bit. Though also express how idiotic it was that Azazel had such a great power by his side and wasted it.


Let’s just ask one key question here: Why did Mugaro just stay up in the sky and not do anything? There seemingly was time before the angels took him that he could have done something. So why did they [note]Mugaro’s gender identity still confuses me[/note] do nothing is beyond me.

Nina in prison, after being convicted of treason.

That aside, you gotta wonder, considering the caliber of people we saw in the prison, how do you qualify? Like, how are you so terrible that you can be imprisoned for life, yet not executed? What is the point in that? For Jeanne D’Arc it makes sense, for she would make the perfect ally. However, thinking from the point of view of Charoice’s world being a reality, why would you keep Nina and Kaisar alive? What value do they really have? Kaisar may desire to be a peace keeper, but he is failing at that job. Then with Nina, is it because he recognizes her? Is that why, despite her criticism of him, a very loud and public one, he didn’t have her killed? I mean, considering how brutal Charoice is made to seem, why is anyone but Jeanne D’Arc in that dungeon?

Leading to perhaps another thought, which is bugging me, when are we going to play catch up? There is such a huge gap between season 1 and 2 of this show. Making me hope that now that two of our main cast members are locked up in proximity to Jeanne, maybe we may get some answers.

Oh, and as for Azazel? I’m still trying to figure out how death keeps forgetting about him. Considering all the people he got killed so far, you’d think he would have met his end a long time ago. I mean, the dude is ambitious, you got to give him that. However, he sucks as a true leader. Hence why everyone he has ever worked with has either been killed or imprisoned. Yet this lucky dude, for reasons I can’t fathom, is still alive. Much less alive with his appendages.

What They Angels Have Planned: Hamsa, Bacchus, Sofiel, El (Mugaro)

Lady Sofiel
Can I ask why an Angel would dress like she does? Especially after her being so homely on Earth (assuming they are on Earth)?

It isn’t clear what the Angels plan to do with El, Mugaro’s real name. However, it does seem they want to be praised and worshiped by humans once more. Now, whether they would resort to fear or not, that is hard to say. But, with there being no demon population for them to ally with the humans against, what can help mend old fences? What can El (Mugaro) really do for them?

Well, based off the way Bacchus talks, it would seem El is meant to be the next Jeanne D’Arc. Yet, again, with no demons, what point is there?


Ok, so the commentary I put in the summary a bit, but the question remains. Really, outside of reviving the demon people, or tricking humans, what can be done? Though, come to think of it, even with demons gone, you have to wonder why people would stop praising the gods? Or could it just be that they want the king of humans to praise them?

Charoice explaining how he is going to kill all the gods

It is all rather hard to say because, in my mind, you’d think the goal would more so be defeating Charoice. After all, assuming these are some kind of all-knowing gods, surely they know he wants to massacre them right? El may provide some reassurance, but whatever power the boy, Charoice, has is still threatening. So why is it they can be incognito to find El but not to assassinate the king? Especially if he is the last of his kind? That would provide the perfect opportunity to come back to power.

Thus pushing, once more, they may try to put El on the throne.

Guess Who’s Back!: Kaisar, Favaro

All this time Favaro has been locked up. For what reason? Well, that isn’t said. It is just one of the usual scenes which this show makes you watch [note]More so fast forward[/note] through the credits for.


A .gif of Favaro smiling at Kaisar
Favaro is back!

Like many, I was wondering where the hell Favaro was. For while Kaisar is likable, he is now Favaro. Arguably, no. Definitely, Favaro was the star of the first season. So for him to be utterly absent was ridiculous. However, with him appearing now, like he did, I really hope we are going to get some information thrown into the chasm of what happened between seasons 1 and 2.

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