Shingeki no Bahamut – Virgin Soul: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Day of Victory” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

On the anniversary of the fall of Cocytus, the demons take one last stand against the tyranny of Charoice XVII. Lying To An Angel: Mugaro, Bacchus, Lady Sofiel Lady Sofiel comes face to face with Mugaro, is but feet away from the thing she has been searching for a little while now, but Bacchus doesn’t…

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On the anniversary of the fall of Cocytus, the demons take one last stand against the tyranny of Charoice XVII.

Lying To An Angel: Mugaro, Bacchus, Lady Sofiel

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Lady Sofiel comes face to face with Mugaro, is but feet away from the thing she has been searching for a little while now, but Bacchus doesn’t hand Mugaro over. Something which puzzles Hamsa since, you know, there is this thought that they both want to return to heaven. Yet, so it seems, Bacchus perhaps wants to protect Maguro for reasons besides Nina being sad.


It has been made clear that Charoice wants to conquer the heavens as he did the demon world and while we haven’t seen much in the way of preparation for this, we know it’s coming. Yet, it isn’t fully clear what maybe the preemptive strike the gods are perhaps interested in or what their primary defense would be? Making the mystery which is Mugaro all the more interesting and it has to lead you to wonder what may happen to Bacchus if it is ever figured out he hid Mugaro from the angels?

A More Mature Nina: Nina, Azazel

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After her date with Charoice, aka Chris, it seems Nina isn’t boy crazy anymore. Well, at least not in terms of any attractive man catching her sight leading to her losing control. Something which Azazel wasn’t prepped for at all. Though, in a way, neither was Nina. Because Azazel hugs her, multiple times, and nothing happens. Add onto that, he tries to kiss her and all this does is piss her off. Leading to mass confusion on both sides but no time to analyze the situation for Azazel’s plans have just fallen through.


Azazel is an idiot. The main person he had to rely on he didn’t explain her part in his plans or really thought it through on whether she would be willing to help? I mean, is Nina sympathetic? Yes. However, she never seemed interesting in joining a real battle or participating in a grand scale war. Plus, really, think about the issues which would come of that. Her being found out means that all of her kind will likely join the rest of the demons who are enslaved. I mean, think about it, they look like humans but can transform into beasts whose power is perhaps only less than Bahamut. Can you not imagine them bred, slaved, and abused? Why would she actively, if she thought about it, join Azazel?

That aside, it is very curious that she isn’t boy crazy anymore. But I guess it is the difference between having a crush on someone and actually getting to be in a relationship. If not, to be a bit vulgar, the difference between watching porn and having sex with an actual person. After a certain point, you can’t go back to a former mindset and be satisfied. You know better, have felt more, so it makes it where your system needs a real stimulant.

So, in this case, on top of Azazel just trying to use her, being that she is beyond a shallow mindset and perhaps needs to be woo’d to feel something now, he does nothing for her.

The Victory Day Massacre: Azazel

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Poor Azazel. All he wants to really do is redeem himself, return demons to some respectable position, yet he isn’t much of a leader. Even in the first season, his leadership was laughable at best. He was just a favorite soldier, not someone noted as a being with many followers. Making it odd that he was followed in such a situation as ambushing Charoice, but hope is a hell of a drug. One which gets nearly every demon we saw killed. Except for Azazel of course.


A part of me feels they should have stretched the rag demon saga a bit longer. If not Azazel being part of the colosseum fights and hating every minute of it. For there is just something which feels so toxic about him, that you can’t imagine him ever really getting a comeuppance or getting a significant win. I mean, granted, not everyone can be a hero, or even anti-hero, much less a villain, but with so much time spent on Azazel that you’d think he would fall into one of these categories.

However, what he ends up being instead is a consistent loser. A desperate one at that. And while I get the idea is that, thanks to Charoice, the mighty have fallen and shall continue to fall, Azazel almost feels like a token at this point. The one who is constantly given the reprieve to survive even though it seems clear he should have been killed off a long time ago.

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