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What happens if Charoice ever dies? Who inherits the throne? Well, it seems Charoice may solve that problem through his pursuit of Nina.

Preparations for the Anatean Massacre: Azazel

Azazel preps his troops to attack during the Anatean festival. However, there is much worry amongst them because his plan is heavily reliant on the red dragon. Someone who hasn’t been consulted at all about Azazel’s plan beyond being told to be at a certain tower.


odNXmRuAP4UQd42EfGL4HaI61k5Sj0aUBm1ehAjX1ErRTKn45LrxQz5AOFR4mse0IinBNsVFrMpb0qNbbLg6j2COGVK C8Vhras3ZyPSXN4JoF9O6Daep3WY xHVlzw2nt6vzS6hrXD6fVb6wdpRrNCYJmUK1eJhfFARoSRoiVJTh6yEjhqFmrL6YXZNMF3EwUD px8qR0Cf3jVvPczbAtB79c6 cX6K JJMXgtXQrBUWCQkBWSy8Q1QvREIBC3r94doZh5qSKau ckK3MxkHxZCALaW 6HEAAAsuDzajHRJad65jV2EsWJ gk05AEZJyOFEMRykema6T5F TBmBL2r91FC5JV84W3vl7BqjrM OGthHbwPZ0XLM14a8JdjR yrAof2LRJPe 7rMKqw8hQGUmjCzYDCkgQmU3SvMa1UOWwzl2TUBwjsRS0IObVYwF cxOFpA6rCBceBu5BPXPads0dZgsX5k48gaE8dYfAOlT1ee13ya6UukrsPSAs2KbbsTHRCouRZWV3wldzAvThQ0rjk6U91lQI2pkeP4Ewxu3PqAR5Nsi8w aDTr0 CVkJt4CpnZdRo3Ipcw1Tftsq03vu1a0myeA21CwMDvvvjNm3CvHyLP2w=w1384 h778 no

This plan is so doomed to fail. Not only because Nina has no idea about what is going on but, also, she can’t control her powers as a dragon! Who is to say she doesn’t attack the demons alongside Charoice’s army? Which, last I check, isn’t all that big. So one good flame will lead to their entire squadron wiped out and Azazel embarrassed once more. Well, perhaps more ashamed than embarrassed since no one may live to point out his foolishness.

I Could Have Danced All Night: Nina, Charoice (Chris)

w2GleQ9EmfuFJa4Rjpub0gnbiTL9TEHReYZ JqmItI BejmxgazPGD2AX86LQwGVLiu4efqiPIa4BxiT3y8EJOiplD TqjvFsgTedgd9xLE9UYEbKykLQq2s5HSqVrV5RQpmvhXZoBL9sw1g1MUU2JOcnj ffaIOy8Ps fsLHuaBSSmCx6CYIjAX L7fz0JjmKqguuioUmeBSk025JKHClXQ YkgR3dChU77D2wAR5tiF90w 4dCl00NNJZKbjXH1RvyItmKrKFmbh95Hn fmZlPsVJ9ff2 QVh0XHJRSmw69aq N o2Coizlxyz 4vRzRTl27wc iYnGGuUSyoGuPE 132WXjUjY45S8U0lQfXalk8CEKd6zgh7wf7yTY5z7J8AA7C7A9RUB0qZBGnWKtF1zhS2nb4INZ2SKAsP VQ49yiuLePJy1ks5zplQAh36HTJPbv F0OXZ8Z5ahZx WesG4CWHTOxKiCp9QxctpIz IA CMY5EAwULr8hgvexq iO2S1uJDFP m4mgHi3YTMmcrkJOiWmWrjLVKRFpV9cGwRkXjt6P W GQh0Krjs409JfJGdrCJpb2HahNTzb3v5WeQ4 IRHyib7h67RGPvXyDC5JFwnQ=w1384 h778 no

After a handful of awkward conversations, Bacchus pushes Charoice, who decides to go by Chris when a civilian, to take Nina to see the Anatean festival sights. During this, they pretty much go on a date. He feeds her, dances with her, and seemingly is in the process of falling in love with her. An exciting thing for Nina but also dangerous. For while she is able to hold Chris’ hand and dance with him, it seems while she is getting past physical touch affecting her, her emotions may end up betraying whatever restraint she is trying to have.


With finally finishing the prequel to this series, and Charoice not being mentioned what so ever, there comes many questions. The first being, in the line succession, how far down did they have to go after the Bahamut came alive to get to him? Also, are we ever going to address his past military campaigns in full? Unlike most shows, this has a 24 episode count, so it isn’t like it can’t afford a handful of flashback episodes to fill in some details.

Charoice’s past aside, let’s question his future. If he was to die tomorrow, who would take the throne? Could that be why he walks the streets as a commoner? He is trying to find a woman who perhaps reminds him of the person his mother was perhaps? Lest we forget, his mom was a concubine and with her being of a lower birth, maybe Charoice grew up on these streets, had crushes before, but now wants to get serious?

LJ5oplrHsBYbL1p8mvyAszSoU20j5hYq7FX2hoJodQAxfKqn8U866F9McyeXTMPAQQvLWSqZSTWhcwE3 O7yfH2pvaW aBwowedNNsxMIBwHgJiMp1sbnzGkvetZwd3Jhh6w49BVMab7xBdPWYiAK HPw2HGDRj2DYRpEWXx5DmOR HQ6aXHkxq aboEYVYEQmiD2Huw6dJ rpzTZq5PKjBqqc2ydYJM77pe3LIYIrLj11CDZsDhqsxcjygzVlN MQDN7lNv6XHkl46cZ fXeIS7QfQ5QLrp0FZSATtEbw7PdZ6VXduR5y5KRXc240AgfPICTk7kcc5Lt4HITikJzcWYMWH1oJSLYjpPr E6W0Eum4nXgCP0uflNpDW FnoyHqiC4kcPzx7RbN K6MNn1n9b4vvygifrBNtH5wWR3VGp yy13dk5yU3TQNaJS1TbzNctnRq jHkQ3NF6cV4hm uoZ445gfL7vImDBEzUDsCJ7 tcCKahz8GERpApaCL5obdUYWAprIet6yD9UJduszUA7to1MLatVKn7qp2VLQEwRl5mk0g8EYfDzVUp2lR0svCDrB4S6UpIG3wffyMbxiaGcllHAOEeLSDXJWpvJ4qd8ogscJc1kw=w1384 h778 no

I mean, with that in mind, who better than Nina? She is strong like Jeanne D’arc, friendly, girly, and could become beloved by the nation. Plus, if he ever learns she is a dragon hybrid, she could help bridge the demon and human population. Thus setting up what Charoice needs to invade the heavens. Assuming he could convince her of doing so.

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