Nina becomes aware why Azazel is pursuing a war between demons and humans as the conditions they are subjected to are revealed.

Episode Focus: You Must Join Us (Nina, Azazel, Kaisar and The Holy Child)

Despite the conditions demons live in, and their slave status, it seems only Azazel, aka the Rag Demon, and The unnamed, but known as, Holy Child, are doing anything about it. Azazel is liberating demons held in chains or experimented on, but through murderous means. Of which, when Kaisar confronts him, it seems Kaisar’s eyes are opened up to what is being done.

However, it isn’t enough for Azazel to free the demons, he wants retribution as well. For, as noted in episode one, while most of the world has barely recovered from when the Bahamut was released, Anatae has bounced back quickly. All thanks to the free labor of demons. Hence why Azazel wants someone like Nina, someone who can transform into a dragon [note] Though perhaps not as freely as the others from her village [/note] and really cause some damage.

Thing is, it seems the dragon village has no beef or much interaction with the humans. They neither fear them nor think too much of them. Perhaps because dragons can masquerade as humans as they choose, or because, while gods and demons are neither feared nor praised, dragons may still hold status. Either way, while Nina, like Kaisar, has her eyes opened to how things truly are, there is a real hesitation to commit to Azazel’s crusade.


While in no way a surprise to see the conditions the demons were living in, there is a question in regards to why are only the horned and winged demons subjected to this kind of treatment? You’d think those like Nina would have been a prime target for as slaves they could be used both for battle and for labor. Making me feel that there are more explanations needed in regards to whether demons even attempted to integrate or associate with humans, like in trade, before. I’m only within the first few episodes of the first season so it is hard to tell if maybe this season may answer the question or within the first that is when we may get the full scope of understanding man’s full relationship with those of demonic blood.

Subplot 1: Distrust in the Kingdom (Kaisar and Charioce XVII)

With multiple failed attempts by Kaisar to kill the Rag Demon, Lord Charioce XVII is losing faith in Kaisar. So much so that he has his Orleans Knights taken off the task and replaced by the Onyx soldiers. A group with drastically better armor who nearly capture Azazel. Though, thanks to the Holy Child, he gets away since she has powers which deactivates what strengthens the Onyx soldiers.

But, what perhaps is most noteworthy is that one Onyx soldier sees Kaisar and the Rag Demon communicate and with his life spared, that makes him suspect. However, Lord Charioce, perhaps due to curiosity, has no plans on killing, imprisoning, or interrogating Kaisar, yet. He does still want him to follow though.


I badly need to finish the first season of this show. For Kaisar seems to be a prominent character in the first season and he fell from grace and became a bounty hunter. So trying to understand how he became the right-hand man of the king is something I doubt they are going to cover in this season. With that said, I wonder if Azazel is in the first season too?

Subplot 2: A Brief History in the Fall of Demons (Azazel)

Mankind used to pray to the gods to protect them from demons. However, when mankind defeated the gods, they realized there was no reason to fear demons. So Lord Charioce XVII led mankind into Cocytus, the capital of the demon kingdom, and killed their king and enslaved many of their people. Thus leading to Anatae’s rise and current status.


Again, I so hope the full story is held within the first season because just getting bits and pieces of how demons became subjected to slavery and how gods were decimated, it just isn’t enough. It all feels like reminders and I want the full story. Plus, with how Chrioce talks about the “Holy Child,” you know she must have been the one to survive or hide out after the massacre. Leading you to wonder if she, and the survivors of the holy crusade, may ally with the demons to rebuke the humans.

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