Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut) – Virgin Soul: Season 1/ Episode 22 “Which Way Is The Wind Blowing?” – Overview/ Recap (with Spoilers)

Shingeki no Bahamut Rage of Bahamut – Virgin Soul Season 1 Episode 22 “Which Way Is The Wind Blowing” – Charioce getting ready for the battle of his life

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The truth about what Charioce has been pursuing all this time is revealed and it leads you to question if the ends justify the means.

The War At Home: Jeanne, Kaisar

Shingeki no Bahamut Rage of Bahamut – Virgin Soul Season 1 Episode 22 “Which Way Is The Wind Blowing” – Jeanne who is about to lead an army to war

Jeanne has the angels, mankind, and demons with her as she marches on Anatae. It isn’t clear whether Lucifer and Azazel are amongst them, but it may not matter in the long run. The name everyone is calling is Jeanne and she is on a warpath.

Something Kaisar tries to stand in the way of. He notes Alessand is solely responsible for El’s (Mugaro) death and he even takes responsibility. However, it isn’t like Charioce didn’t threaten El’s (Mugaro) well-being multiple times before? Even if Alessand never laid a hand on El (Mugaro), his life would have remained threatened. So, with that in mind, she begins her assault.

Vengeance: Charioce, Nina, Favaro

Shingeki no Bahamut Rage of Bahamut – Virgin Soul Season 1 Episode 22 “Which Way Is The Wind Blowing” – We learn everything Charioce has done was to prepare to face Bahamut

While most are heading to Anatae, Nina, Bacchus, Favaro, and Hamsa are heading to Eibos – the sight where we last saw Bahamut. The place where we learn Charioce, all this time, was planning to avenge his mother and destroy Bahamut before its rebirth. That’s right, Bahamut is back after a 10-year slumber and this was all predicted by the leader of the Onyx Knights. Someone who just so happened to discover the demon Marinet’s secret room. A place which had all the information detailing the knowledge the gods tries to seal away alongside and how to possible raise and end the Bahamut once and for all.

And with this knowledge obtained, and Charioce, for as long as he lives, being in debt and in love with his mom, he won’t let no one stand in his way. Not Nina, not Favaro with a weapon pointed at his head. Nothing!

But, there remains the question of whether Dromos, which we see this episode, maybe enough to kill Bahamut? Much less, after Charioce uses that weapon once more, what may be left of Anatae and the world as we know it? Never mind if he may live to see the fruits of his labor blossom.


The Stakes Keep Getting Raised

After El’s (Mugaro) death, I figured that was going to be the peak. I mean, they killed off a main character. However, between Charioce being shown as an anti-hero, Jeanne leading a full-on battalion, and us learning the Bahamut is to live again? Well, it seems Rage of Bahamut – Virgin Soul is trying to end with a bang. However, I’ll admit that I’m unsure if that bang might be big enough for people to really take notice of this show.

Though considering how all players are gathering once more, and how violent parts of this season, and especially Genesis, was, I feel like people may start putting some respect on Rage of Bahamut’s name.


Charioce Really Got His Behind Handed To Him By Nina – As well as His Men

Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul You know, being that Charioce looks like a badass, alongside his men, it is easy to forget they have failed to capture or defeat Nina and her crew a multitude of times. However, with Charioce getting his ass whooped by Nina, it has become very clear that these men can’t fight unless magic is involved. And I know what you’re thinking, “He didn’t hurt Nina because he loved her!” Well, considering it is his love for his mother driving him, I don’t know if he didn’t hurt Nina because somewhere in there Chris told Charioce not to. But that excuse can’t apply to all the people Nina runs through without turning into a dragon. I mean, she uses what looks like a cloth whip to take out so many people. Then she does that comic, a person runs up from behind and the hero just raises their fist to knock them out, thing. These are the people who are not only protecting the king but the most precious project of his life? How is it he went from this great general to someone whose life gets threatened by the presence of two people?

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