The gods have had enough, and they believe El can turn the tide. So with Charoice refusing to bend the knee, so comes a declaration of war. A Trump Card: El (Mugaro), Charoice, Gabriel The time has come. Charoice has stolen items from holy temples and his possession of them threaten the gods. If he…

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The gods have had enough, and they believe El can turn the tide. So with Charoice refusing to bend the knee, so comes a declaration of war.

A Trump Card: El (Mugaro), Charoice, Gabriel

The time has come. Charoice has stolen items from holy temples and his possession of them threaten the gods. If he refuses to return them, they have no choice. Plus, with El back in their possession, and Gabriel poisoning his mind, they have what may very well be a mini-Bahamut.

Yet, what king would Charoice be to fear any man, demon or god? He tells them, as the gods descend and demand what is theirs, to bring it on. For, perhaps unbeknownst to them, he has something for them beyond the power of the Onyx Knights.


When this show began, we saw Charoice ride into holy temples. However, it hasn’t been made clear what he took, much less where it is stored. I have always assumed whatever powers the Onyx Knights have was what he stole. But then came the question of what the prisoners were working towards?

The men and women down there are digging deeper and deeper into the ground and it seemingly isn’t just for exercise. Much less making room for additional prisoners. There may very well be a purpose to their work. Something which, is hinted at, but not gone into detail over. However, it very well maybe why Charoice isn’t that fearful.

That thought aside, I do wonder what is on Lady Sofiel’s mind? It seems she doesn’t support Gabriel’s influence on El to support their goals. For, let’s face it, while the stolen items are a priority, vanity is part of the equation as well. So it seems Lady Sofiel is taking note and may have to step in, as it comes to visibility that Gabriel may have lost their way.

The Aftermath of the War Declaration: Charoice

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Though not heavily featured, there are those who still praise and believe in the gods. Which, with their first appearance in who knows how long, against their king, leads them to rise up. However, it isn’t made clear whether they have the numbers to really cause a threat to the kingdom or if they may simply be an annoyance. Either way, as Jeanne tries to make her way to the surface, Charoice can’t be complacent about these people forever.


Anyone else wonder what happened to the old temples? What the world of demons look like now? Much less, back when Charoice rose to power, was there much backlash when he was storming temples? I mean, granted, a small crowd isn’t much compared to the royal army, but you gotta wonder how many he had to subdue when he first started his campaign? Much less, if he was easily able to justify his campaign through saying it would give them the upper hand against man’s oppression?

The Escape Plan and Final Extended Hand: Jeanne, Charoice, Nina, Rita

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As Rita fights her way into the bowels of the prison, Nina and Jeanne are working their way to the elevator. During this, we learn Jeanne is afraid of spiders and Nina reveals her ability to become a dragon. However, with her still not having control over that, said information isn’t that useful.

Especially since, when Charoice comes face to face with Jeanne and Nina, stopping their advancement, she has no ability to become a dragon. Which, when I think about it, is a good thing, considering she’d cave in the whole prison. However, considering now that everyone is aware of what she is capable of now, and what she and Jeanne are trying to do, likely it will be harder to accomplish their goal. Much less, with Charoice definitely wanting an eye kept on them, now the feat should truly be impossible.

Well, it would be if it wasn’t for Rita. Someone who, thanks to her magic, that hand thing, and her staff, wipes out one guard after another. Ending the episode with her having keys and ready to start up a new escape.


I know Rita is a zombie, and has necromancy magic, but how powerful is she? For sometimes it does seem like her abilities are downplayed. Like, in Azazel’s little battle, it seems to me Rita would have been a better, and more reliable, asset than Nina. Granted, I’m not sure how their relationship is, but she is a demon too so she’d be easier to convince.

Focusing on the topic at hand though, you have to feel bad for Nina. She finally comes face to face, up close and personal, with Charoice and realizes that he is Chris. The guy who kind of broke the spell, of her turning into a dragon due to any Tom, Dick, or Harry, is this oppressor. Much less, he is willing to tease her about their dance as he has her sent back to her cell. To me, that was kind of twisted in a way.

But, what do you expect? Charoice has something to prove and if Jeanne isn’t going to help, nor Nina, he can’t let them get in the way. After all, he is trying to prove himself to his father, his mother, as well as his own person. He is trying to prove, to his dead father, he was worth investing in. Trying to prove to his mom that her sacrifices weren’t in vain, and also prove to himself that what she did to raise him wasn’t for nothing.

Add in him trying to spite the gods for not directly blessing him and there goes your reasons for his campaign. As for whether this will be dugged into and verified, vs theorized, I can’t say. But I feel strongly that the reasons above explain Charoice a bit.

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