The debut continues, and while Shaun, Emilico, and Rum bond, it becomes clear Edward has set up more traps than given credit for, and the Shadow Lords are getting bored.

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The debut continues, and while Shaun, Emilico, and Rum bond, it becomes clear Edward has set up more traps than given credit for, and the Shadow Lords are getting bored.

Episode Name An Incomplete Map
Aired 5/22/2021
Network Funimation
Directed By Takeru Ogiwara
Written By Yūji Ōnishi

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Growing Tired, Getting Bored – Edward

The elders continue to watch Edward’s little game, and while the traps and such were entertaining, they have notes. Of which, it doesn’t seem Edward appreciates them, especially since the soot pigeon sent to deliver the message screeches like it lost its mind.

You’re A Strange One, Aren’t You? – Lou, Ricky

Lou and Ricky continue to cut through the garden, and Lou nearly falls to her death trying to get through hedges. This leads to Ricky seemingly being ready to snatch the hedges, but, alas, Lou is still alive. Granted, with a scratched-up leg, but with her face unharmed, she doesn’t really care about the leg. Ricky, however, does, to a certain degree, so he patches her up.

Some Believe In Kindness, And Others Don’t – Patrick, Emilico, John, Shaun, Rum

Patrick with a flow Emilico gave him
Patrick with a flow Emilico gave him

Emilico and Rum find Patrick, but he desperately wants Ricky to find him. Thus he turns them away rather rudely. However, when Shaun meets up with Rum and Emilico, the three get along as they always do and even come across John. Someone who is in high spirits and quite admires the threesome. After all, it is because of them Shaun is loosening up as John has long desired.

However, with Kate and Shirley needing to be rescued and John accidentally breaking a bridge that can only be crossed twice, time is of the essence. Especially since Rum figures, they have 50 minutes left to complete the task.

Commentary/ Review

Being Ready For This Section To Be Over

The debut is starting to lose its luster, as it hints at what is to come next. If it isn’t the Shadow Lords who seemingly have gifts, like the messenger pigeon, it is wondering what they do and where are their Living Dolls? Also, there remains the need to know, are living dolls forced to date their counterparts when their masters’ date? For with Master John’s proposal to Kate, and the chance Shaun may like Emilico as well, so many questions arise. Such as, as Shadow Masters created or born?

Then when you add in who may fail, how Edward’s test is going to be judged by the Shadow Lords, and so much else, it makes navigating the maze, and the whole challenge, seem dull. If not drawn out to the point, it makes you wonder what we may have lost, so this could go on for so long.

The debut is starting to wear out its welcome, don’t you think? It was interesting at first since it allowed us to meet other Living Dolls, Shadow Masters, and even get introduced to the Shadow Lords, but the whole maze saga is losing its luster. Add in Master John proposing, the Shadow Lords getting enough screentime to wonder what’s up with them, and it makes you want to see the next chapter.

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Rum, Emilico, and Shaun on a bench together, looking at something in the distance
Shadows House: Season 1/ Episode 7 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
With relationships and personalities established for the young masters and the Shadow Lords being seen more and more, it feels like the right time to end this chapter and start the next. But will Shadows House move forward or draw this out more? Only time will tell.
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On The Fence
Being Ready For This Section To Be Over

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