At first, you’ll admire the tone, pacing, and what this anime seemingly wants to do. However, after awhile, you begin to wonder how long is this episode and if you could really deal with Haruki’s monotone voice another minute.

The Introduction

In the town of Sakurada, it seems everyone is born with powers. Nothing on the superhuman level, in which people are fearing for their lives every day, but little things. Such as Asai’s enhanced senses or this young girl named Haruki being able to reset time back three days.

Of which, seemingly will be the heart of the series. A class rep connects Asai and Haruki since Haruki is often alone, is very untrusting, and she, Sumire, believes Asai is a good match for her. Though, from what it seems, the only thing which matches is their powers. For even when Haruki hits reset, Asai remembers all that happened. Thus leading you to believe they will combine their powers to right wrongs. Such as the reason behind why this little girl named Mari feels unloved by her mommy.


It’s Interesting In Concept

A town filled with people with special abilities, but nothing on an X-Men level. Instead, the powers are mundane and largely unremarkable. Making our focus these kids with powers and these two in general, two which try to correct what is wrong in certain people’s lives using their powers, and maybe introducing others who can compensate for what their powers don’t do. All the while, we see them grow closer, develop, and maybe even fall in love.

Sound good to you?

Low Points

But Boring in Execution

Well, unfortunately, none of that seems likely. For while there will be, from what it seems, multiple arcs focused on helping this person or that person, we are without the type of characters who have a hook. With their powers being weirdly stable and no one having that type of personality, even the sort of happy go lucky Sumire, which inspires loyalty, you’re stuck with your usual boring male lead coerced into something by a girl, and then Haruki who speaks in a monotone voice. Which, if she was a comic relief or just someone we’d only occasionally see, that wouldn’t matter. However, with her being one of the main characters alongside Asai, it made what was just a 25-minute episode feel like 40, if not an hour.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

A question I hope I don’t ask myself while watching out episode 2.

Halfway through the episode, it lost its luster but you still had a reason for hope. However, like a thousand small cuts, Haruki tortures you and makes the second half of the episode feel like torture. Yet, there remains hope. If only because the arc featuring the young girl Mari may have some heart to it. Maybe might even have the potential to make you cry, based off the background we are given by Sumire. But in order to get to that possibly pay off, you’ll have to deal with Haruki. The reason why this is being labeled Mixed for damn if she wasn’t draining every last bit of energy out of me and making me contemplate going to bed early.

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  1. I honestly can’t invest into this series on a serious level because the dialogue is just so poor and manufactured. It really doesn’t help that our leads are as lively as a wet blanket either when delivering their lines

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