Overview Progress seems to be finally made as it seems Subaru wins everyone equally over and finally gets a lead on what outside force may have killed him and Rem before. Main Plot (with Commentary) Topic 1: And You, And You, And You, You’re Going to Love Me! (Subaru, Ram, and Rem) The goal for…

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Progress seems to be finally made as it seems Subaru wins everyone equally over and finally gets a lead on what outside force may have killed him and Rem before.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: And You, And You, And You, You’re Going to Love Me! (Subaru, Ram, and Rem)

The goal for the current cycle is winning over everyone. That means Subaru working his ass off so Ram and Rem think he is proficient, and his work ethic being learned by Roswaal who relies on Rem and Ram to be his eyes and ears. Naturally though, being too efficient, knowing how to handle a knife well, and especially knowing where things are in the mansion, that raises a few eyebrows. However, eventually it is realized with time that as overly ambitious he is in trying to win them over and seem reliable, there is no ill will.

Topic 2: Lap Nap (Subaru & Emilia)

But the journey to that point where Ram and Rem don’t feel threatened by him in any way, nor seem capable of telling Roswaal anything which would lead to him having Subaru eliminated, is a long one. One which leads to Subaru to utter exhaustion. Something which Rem and Ram don’t pick up on, since they just look at him with suspicion, but being that Emilia knows Subaru, this worries her. In fact, it worries her to the point of giving Subaru, and I’m sure many fans, a moment that has been long awaited. One in which Emilia isn’t just a girl blushing at the flood of compliments Subaru is giving her, but is one actively participating in this desire for a relationship.

Thus leading to a thigh nap. Something quite embarrassing for Emilia, be it because her thighs are bare or because this type intimacy is just foreign to her. However, as she pets the quite exhausted Subaru, and he releases all his frustrations short of telling her how many times he has died and tried to make things right, you get this feeling. A feeling of relief for Subaru for while he is a bit over the top, you can tell he is a sweetheart and with all he has done to try to keep everyone alive and happy, it is nice to see him get some sort of reward outside of survival. Plus, considering what is said by Beatrice, it raises some eyebrows of intrigue.

Topic 3: Satella and Curses (Subaru and Beatrice)

The question of who Satella is, why can’t Subaru get past this cycle, as well as how he gained his power of revival has been in a loop for a while. Well, Beatrice has some answers. To begin, let’s talk about this unending cycle. We are lead to believe a curse, which can only be enacted by touch, is the reason that during what seemed to be the perfect cycle, the one in which he befriended one of the sisters, he died. Also, said curse is the reason one of the twin sisters died in the last episode. So, finally, Subaru has a lead which can lead to progress. But, to make things complicated, at the village where the curse is likely cast, he shall have both Rem and Ram going with him, since they both enjoy his company so much.

Leading to a switch to the topic of Satella. The stench of the witch has a few times been said to be on Subaru, and with Emilia once saying her name is Satella, you have to wonder if maybe Roswaal’s magic has played a part grander than thus seen. For, to me, it just seems weird how eccentric and out there Roswaal is, and yet we rarely ever see him. So, current theory is, despite all the power Satella is said to have had, Roswaal found a way to free her from her prison and thus was born Emilia. An experiment of sorts, be it because Roswaal is powerful or a minion, and Satella is trying to integrate with society.

Which perhaps may lead you to wondering why? After all, Satella is touted as this grand villain. Well, that may not be true. Just take a look at the twins. Their story, if you believe the ogre one, makes at least one of them seem like a villain depending on who tells it. So who is to say Satella hasn’t been setup to seem like a villain, but is as Beatrice says. Maybe Satella was just someone who, like when Subaru tapped into his shadow powers [1], just wasn’t able to handle her magic and this lead to her, one after another, killing or consuming people? I mean, it may be a far-fetched idea, but I’m giving this show the benefit of the doubt when it comes to villains for it does seem, outside of the villain of the first cycle, everyone is more complex than meets the eye.

Things To Note

  1. From what we learn through Puck, people in general have some sort of attribute ranging from the generic Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, to the more rare ones like Light and Shadow. Subaru, to some surprise, is capable of shadow magic. Something which, on the lower end of things, isn’t much to talk about for it seems more like defensive magic. However, Shamac spells, which seem like dark magic, maybe something which could one day save Subaru’s life. That is, assuming Puck and Subaru keep training. Though, in my mind, perhaps what may break this cycle, or a future one, maybe Subaru honing his powers.

Collected Quote(s)

It’s more satisfying to hear a single ‘thank you’ than a lot of ‘sorry’s.’

—           “I Cried, Cried My Lungs Out, and Stopped Crying.” Re:Zero

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So is Emilia the jealous witch Satella or not? Also, if she is, the question becomes if she is aware of it? Or, even better, do others know she is Satella or is this something perhaps only Subaru, and maybe Puck, know?
  2. Will we ever see the people from past arcs ever again?


  • Subaru and Emilia’s lap nap time, and their relationship just developing in general – past his flirtations.
  • A lead which may end this cycle.
  • Subaru perhaps learning magic, meaning he may one day be able to defend himself.

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