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Re:Zero (Starting Life in Another World): Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode Overview

As the setting changes, a new obstacle presents itself for Subaru to overcome.

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With a new setting, new characters, and a new obstacle, the ever lovable Subaru has to use his wits, and pray for some luck, to once again survive a new challenge. Thankfully though, between the love blooming between him and Emilia, as well as Subaru perhaps being the most charming male lead in sometime, the show maintains its quality.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

We leave the downtown market and the slums of Lugunica for a large mansion. One which has as many odd characters as Subaru’s former setting. One is Betty, a young looking girl who is in charge of the library, and hates Subaru with all her heart; then there are the twins Rem and Ram, the maids, who also talk down to Subaru; and then there is the owner of the mansion Master Roswaal, someone who is eccentric and someone who may take the place of Elsa as Subaru’s main foe.

You see, while Emilia is flattered and entertained by Subaru, Master Roswaal questions if he is a spy. Reason being, Emilia is in line for the throne and with the king and his family mysteriously disappearing, naturally Roswaal is quite invested in Emilia ascending. Thing is, Subaru’s influence is clear and no amount of money may combat a boy who has the girl’s heart.

So comes the latest obstacle for Subaru which is figuring out a way to win over Roswaal’s workers. For with all of them hating him, and Roswaal not trusting him and not liking his influence, anyone could be his current killer. In fact, Betty kills him once without Roswaal asking since she finds Subaru annoying. So who knows who the person is which kills Subaru in his sleep.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will we ever see anyone from the first challenge again?
  2. What happened to the king and who is Emilia competing against for the crown?


New Setting, New Characters and A More Interesting Challenge: Within Master Roswaal’s large home may not be a huge slew of people, but each and every one creates a different factor to be noted. With Betty you have a wizard who could very well fight off whoever kills Subaru when he sleeps on day 5 going into 6; with the twins, befriending one could mean befriending the other, or at least buying time so Subaru might be able to defend himself; then, as for Roswaal, well he seems like the Elsa of this arc so it isn’t a matter of winning him over as much as it is defeating him or wearing him down.

Love Is In The Air: More often than not, anime which exclusively focus on romance aren’t covered here. Yet this isn’t to say I don’t enjoy a good love story like the one Emilia and Subaru are having. For while he does seem a bit weird, and like a perv, there remains this sweetness about him which makes the idea of him and Emilia appealing.

Subaru Is Just Plain Likable: In some ways Subaru reminds me of Koyomi. Granted, Subaru is a way less perverted, but you can tell among the odd things he says and does, he has a good heart. One which would rather be someone working hard in Roswaal’s mansion than simply a mooch, and while he often has grandeur or off expectations of Lugunica, when those expectations aren’t met her doesn’t whine or moan, he just adapts. I mean, even with his constant deaths he may become more cautious, but he doesn’t lose this appealing aspect which is what I think will keep viewers around as he repeats some of his mistakes.

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