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Re:Zero (Starting Life in Another World): Season 1/ Episode 3 “Starting Life from Zero in Another World” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode Overview

We reach our first milestone as the Elsa battle finally doesn’t end in Subaru’s death.

Episode Rating:
Getting Better

Trigger Warning(s):
So much blood

Review Summary

With Subaru finally reaching a milestone comes some celebration, especially after an epic battle with Elsa. However, with Elsa deposed for now, so comes the question of what is next? Something rather hard to say, and unnerving, for a show which has a self-aware protagonist who has no idea why he ended up in this fantasy world.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

With Emilia, the half-elf formerly referred to as Satella, showing up, so comes the threat of violence for even if Felt is 15, she is a thief. However, with Elsa coming from out the shadows, so comes a long and epic battle. One which Puck gets involved in for a while, and then Emilia is on her own, Subaru and Rom join, until Rom is taken out of the battle, and then it is two on one. That is, until Subaru, quite heroically may I add, gives Felt time to run. Leading to Felt, to slight surprise, running and screaming through the slums for help only to be met with slammed doors and windows.

Luckily though, it just so happens that Reinhard would be in the slums and would hear little Felt. Thus leading to him coming into the battle and having a jaw dropping performance. For with Elsa being built up over the last few episodes as someone practically unstoppable, watching Reinhard fight her almost reminds me of WWE style storytelling, or even DBZ. This seemingly unbeatable monster finds its match and that match is ridiculous.

Though, I should note, even with Elsa being defeated she doesn’t die. So she remains a serious threat and we aren’t really given any idea if maybe this maybe some kind of checkpoint for Subaru or not. But what is known is that Felt maybe more than just some slum dwelling child and Subaru has, once again, won over Emilia. However, with him likely being taken to her home, and Felt being taken by Reinhard for reasons not exactly divulged on, it seems with one issue ending for Subaru so gives birth to another.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Is Felt a missing princess or something similar? Is that why Reinhard is so gung ho on taking her with him?

Things To Note

Everyone survive the battle, but Rom’s shop is damn near decimated.


First Milestone Reached: I’m not sure what the rules are exactly for Subaru’s revival power, but I do think we have reached the first milestone. One which was earned through multiple tries and while I sure as hell didn’t want to see Subaru die once more to Elsa in Old Man Rom’s shop, to a certain point all that would have done is continue to up the ante. Luckily though, he has survived and with that comes continuation for the story and the lingering prospect of Subaru being set back if he isn’t careful.

Another Epic Elsa Battle: While live action fights will always take the cake, the vast abilities of animation, even when not on a Final Fantasy level, can still be awe-inspiring. For, like said in the first highlight, we have reached a milestone. One which has built up the Elsa battles in such a way where you never really could say whether Subaru would live or die, no matter how hard he tried. Thankfully though, with Reinhard joining the fight, as well as Emilia, the fight came to an end for now. But I would be remiss to not note that Reinhard lived up to his reputation which, before this fight, I did not take seriously. For while, again, this is all animated, seeing him raise his sword and gather the mana in the air and nearly decimate Elsa was something else.

On The Fence

Where To Go From Here?: Even while the series, I think, is getting better, I must admit I don’t feel assured of where it could go from here. Elsa is still alive, and will seek vengeance, which does give us some idea of what the future holds, but outside of that there is a blank slate. One which hopefully doesn’t lead to us seeing a cycle of one or two bad endings, as if this is a video game, and then Subaru on the 3rd or 4th shot getting the happy one.

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