With there only being an episode left, prepare to watch Subaru quickly fix his mistakes from the last round and be sort of left indifferent because you know this story isn’t going to wrap up all he has gone through.

Trigger Warning(s):

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Building Up Emilia (Subaru and Emilia)

As established, the villagers mostly don’t care for Emilia. They see her as an omen for the witch’s return and so when she speaks they ignore her and stay away. However, this time around Subaru uses his rapport with them so that  while the damage is done, at the very least he gets them out before the witch’s cult can make its move.

But what really matters is Subaru sending a message to Ram noting the empty letter was a mistake and then Wilhelm meeting with Emilia to convey that and explain all that went down thus far, deals and all. Which saddens Emilia since she wasn’t part of it, but then Subaru slips in, using Emilia’s cloak which hides recognition, and helps boost her confidence by asking for her to make pertinent decisions.

Though perhaps his greatest gift is helping Emilia realize not all of the villagers wish to treat her as a social pariah. The kids, who are the last to leave, have no choice but to be in the same caravan as Emilia and while she fears their reaction this, to the point of asking if there is an alternative for them, between Petra and the others, they all seemed welcoming to the idea. Leading to Emilia feeling like, perhaps, maybe there is hope for her in the royal selection.


With the skills Subaru has gained when it comes to negotiations and persuasion, you have to wonder if he could return to the capital and be a real asset now. For, as of now, it seems when it comes to the common people, villagers and such, he can talk to them, work with them, and win them over. However, when it comes to the aristocrats that is a whole different beast. Now, granted he did take part in the White Whale campaign, and with him helping to wipe out the witch’s cult that will surely help Emilia since he is part of her household. But, as said in previous reviews, being that Crusch was on the front line, and most of her men, and Anastasia’s mercenaries, made up most of the warriors fighting, how much does Emilia benefit really? Even if Subaru campaigns for her?

Topic 2: Deleting the Backup Copies (Subaru)

As shown in the last episode, Betelgeuse has some kind of ability, one Julius defines as old magic known as “Nect” to transfer his soul and consciousness between his fingers. So, by first capturing the snitch who caused that huge bombing in the last episode, and using his map and communication metia, the fingers get whipped out by Ricardo. Leaving just Betelgeuse.


Acknowledging the show didn’t have time to show Ricardo wipe out the fingers and their communication network, I must admit I still would have liked to see that. If only because I feel like Ricardo got overshadowed by Wilhelm when it came to the battle against the White Whale so this could have been his chance to shine.

Topic 3: Another Goodbye to Betelgeuse (Subaru, Betelgeuse, and Julius)

Beloved Betelgeuse, the only consistent villain since what’s her name from the first arc disappeared and never returned. Once again he dies but this time, it is different. If only because Julius slays him in a one on one battle with the assistance of using Betelgeuse’s nect spell to see through Subaru’s eyes. Thus allowing him to see the invisible hands, cut through them, and eventually cut through Betelgeuse.


With Julius and Subaru officially reconciling, though Subaru still a bit jilted by his past with Julius, needless to say the only that is left is Subaru reconciling with Emilia in the capital. Maybe even assisting, or beginning to assist, her campaign for the royal selection. Something which, unfortunately, I doubt we will get the results of. Though, at the very least, we may get a sweet moment. Well, bittersweet as Rem watches in the background as Subaru tries to redeem himself to a girl who tossed him aside.

Things To Note

If they ever dub this, I hope they can find the money to get Christoph Waltz for Betelgeuse.

On The Fence

While it is good they didn’t make the Subaru fixing his mistakes dragged out, I must admit another quick Betelgeuse battle and us missing Ricardo massacring the fingers was bothersome. Though, in general, this episode just felt like they wanted to quickly wrap things up so the final episode of the season, if not series, could be about Subaru and Emilia recovering their relationship. Which, after all the scenes Subaru had with Rem, if it isn’t epic and just devastating to watch, emotionally, then this show may end on a whimper.

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