Things were going too well. Betelgeuse was defeated, Julius and Subaru were getting along, but it wasn’t clear what would ruin this feel good train. Well, we get our answer.

Trigger Warning(s):

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Welcome Back Ram (Ram and Subaru)

Remember that letter Subaru sent which was supposed to explain everything? Well, it was sent, but showed up blank. Something Julius explains to us as being a grave insult, one noting that there is nothing to say between the two parties and could even be considered a declaration of war. So with Subaru coming with a slew of knights and seemingly now belonging to a different household, Ram is pissed and not necessarily murderous, but definitely ready to kidnap Subaru and perhaps hurt him.


The missing letter. While we know the Witch’s Cult has infiltrated the area, you have to wonder was it them or someone else who interfered? Ram was the one who got the letter, and you know how much she loves Roswaal, so could there be some chance she didn’t want Roswaal to lower his position so she destroyed the letter? This idea, if it wasn’t for Ram sticking up for Subaru later, seems like a possibility, but unfortunately, we are left only assuming it must have been a finger or member of the cult.

Though, you have to wonder, considering Rem noted her and Ram are able to speak telepathically, to a point, wouldn’t it have been possible for her to relay the message? Or am I overestimating how strong that connection is to speak in clear sentences and not just feeling?

Topic 2: Convincing The Villagers (Subaru)

While calming Ram down, and explaining things, is done fairly quickly, the same can’t be said when it comes to convincing the villagers to leave their home. Emilia, I guess based on a bad feeling since the letter was blank, tried to have them come to the mansion, but half-elf prejudice kept her from being listened to. After all, if the Witch’s cult is on their way, it has to be because of her right? So why would they listen to Subaru? Even if he is a sort of local hero, or did they forget about that?

But with Ram there, saying Roswaal supports this evacuation, it seems the people are willing to move. Even if Roswaal is the supporter of Emilia and a bit of an anomaly himself.


The more I watch this anime the more I feel driven to read the manga. I really want to know the background of Satella, the jealous witch, as well as learn about the birth of the Witch’s cult. Much less, I want to know more about Roswaal and the rest and with most anime going on for 24-26 episodes, at max, with usually no 2nd season, I feel like I’m only given a taste. Granted, it feels like a full-course meal, but my greedy self wants dessert too.

Topic 3: The Fingers Rise & Betelgeuse Returns (Subaru)

With the discovery of a finger, who explodes upon being taken down by Felis, so begins the battle. One in which quite a few villagers are killed and we learn many of the Witch’s Cult were hiding away in the carriages. Meaning, regardless of the way Subaru would have got to the village, the Witch’s Cult would have made it there. But, thanks to the skills of the knights, and Subaru thinking fast on his feet, almost all of the fingers are defeated. In fact, even Emilia takes down one.

However, before a fateful reunion, it is revealed one remains: Betelgeuse. We learn he has somehow possessed Subaru and now plans to complete the Ordeal. That is until Subaru has himself killed by Felis and finished off by Julius. Meaning it is time to prep for one last loop. One in which, who knows where the restart point will be. Assuming Subaru even restarts in Emilia’s world again.


There are so many things to ask about. For one, what are the other archbishops doing to prep for the great Ordeal and how far is the reach of Betelgeuse’s influence? Also, what in the hell is Roswaal doing during all of this? On top of that, and this perhaps is the most important question: Where will the restart point be? With the series coming close to its end, and another season unlikely anytime soon, it is hard to say whether they may pull an “It was all just a dream” type of ending, or if a cliffhanger will be done. Either way, there are only around 2 episodes left and there seems to be so much left to cover.

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