The battle comes to an end, but not everyone is going onto Subaru’s true mission.

Trigger Warning(s):

Major Characters

Subaru | Wilhelm | Crusch | Ricardo | Rem

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Final Clash (Subaru, Rem, Crusch, Wilhelm)

With three white whales to face, many men down and some scared to move, it almost seems, after all that has happened, Subaru may be facing another loop. However, while the majority of the men cower, Crusch and Rem remain vigilant. Rem is swinging her mace and chain and Crusch occasionally swings that blade of hers. But she stops to speak to Subaru to formulate a plan, and once that is done she riles up the troops, once more, while insulting Subaru, and so begins the final assault. One which has Subaru draw in the White Whale circling in the sky, the one believed to be the true white whale and the other some sort of doppelgangers. That whale chases Subaru and with the right timing, that giant tree falls onto the whale, leaving it incapable of moving and letting Wilhelm, who, thanks to Rem, was able to escape the beast, and deliver a final blow.


It was an epic end to an epic battle, and honestly, perhaps the only thing I was disappointed about is that we didn’t get to see Theresia’s final moments. Not that I wish to see her die, mind you, but Wilhelm’s revenge is what makes this battle emotional and us solely getting to see him best her, and admit his love, and that be it, was a bit frustrating. Especially since we got to see so much of them in the last episode and I wanted some more reason to be frustrated that they didn’t get to be together until their dying days. Much less, I wanted to know where Wilhelm was that fateful day, how he reacted, and all that.

Topic 2: The Next Battle (Ricardo, Wilhelm, Subaru, and Rem)

With the battle against the White Whale over, winning not only acclaim for Crusch for leading, but also for some of the soldiers, even Subaru gets praise. Though what matters the most is the respect. For, in all the loops up to now, that was what was missing in his pursuit to stop what leads to Emilia’s death and begins some sort of apocalypse. So with him having Wilhelm committed, Ricardo knowing what he is in for, that is going against the witch’s cult, and down, so comes the problem of Rem. At this point, she may be exhausted and injured, but she doesn’t want to leave Subaru’s side. He is her hero and her his knight, and together they are capable of such great things. They took down a whale together! Alas, Subaru, as much as he wants her by his side, he doesn’t want her to die on this next quest and considering Subaru has 20+ soldiers, which includes Wilhelm, Ricardo, and his mercenaries, and now Julius as well.


With Rem being separated from Subaru means there is going to be some grand attempt for him to win Emilia back and they don’t want Rem’s sad face in the way. But without her, he loses his greatest ally and while Wilhelm and Ricardo respect, and maybe even like Subaru, it seems the beef between Julius and Subaru remains. To the point, you know their relationship is going to be a strong focus during the fight against the witch’s cult. More than likely one is going to save the other and perhaps that will lead to some mended fences, but who knows? Could be Julius dies and maybe Subaru feels bad about it? Either way, the White Whale will certainly feel like just an appetizer in comparison to the battle against Betelgeuse and his witch’s cult. For that is the fight I’m sure many have been dying to see.

Review Summary

  • The epic defeat of the White Whale and Subaru’s profile growing thanks to a successful hunt.
  • Rem having a cheeky moment thanking Subaru for landing between her breast.
  • Listening to Crusch reinforce the idea that, despite using Subaru as an insult to rile her troops many times, she really does respect him. Even to the point of having him join her house and admitting there were times he pulled on her heart strings.
  • Wilhelm getting the final blow for his wife.
  • Ricardo making it clear the witch’s cult were the next target and then seeing Julius on his way as he joins them for the upcoming fight.

Low Points

  • I just wish we got to see more of Wilhelm and Theresia.

On The Fence

  • Rem separating from Subaru is going to take some time to get used to.

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