The battle against the White Whale is a bloody one filled with the occasional flashbacks, but let it be known: The battle doesn’t end here.

Trigger Warning(s):
Blood (So much blood) | Gore (Eyeball cut out)

Major Characters

Wilhelm | Subaru | Crusch

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: My Revenge (Wilhelm)

Wilhelm’s part of this episode deals with introducing his wife Theresia, as both a girl who loved flowers and a swords master, as well as him going absolutely HAM (Hard as a Motherf—–) on the White Whale. But, alas, he is but a mere mortal and upon being distracted he ends up in the White Whale’s mouth.


Wilhelm isn’t dead. How could he be? We didn’t get to see how he won Theresia over nor did we see her die. His 14-year vendetta can’t end with him reminiscing about his wife for a second and then being eaten. Surely like Pinocchio he may have been swallowed, but he isn’t full on consumed right? He is going to cut his way out of the White Whale right?

Topic 2: Command and Attempt to Conquer (Crusch)

Though Subaru is leading the charge, at the end of the day Crusch is the one commanding an army. One which she, alongside Anastasia’s representatives, have everything thrown at the White Whale. Not in the hopes of killing it mind you. After all, this mabeasts isn’t going to be taken down that easily. But the hope was to at least ground it to make it easier to kill. Unfortunately, though, even with all the spells, and Crusch’s Intangible Sword which ignores distance and a strike in the air can travel to her opponent, the beast only touches the ground when it wants to.


This is one epic battle. One with a ridiculous amount of blood, eyeballs being cut out, and it is as gory as this show has ever gotten. Though I must admit, I do hope this battle doesn’t stretch past two episodes. For we are inching closer and closer to the finale and there are never guarantees of 2nd seasons when it comes to anime. Even if there is so much more to cover. Much less, if there is a 2nd season, who knows how long it would be until it airs.

Topic 3: Outnumbered and Practically Devastated (Subaru)

With him invoking the witch’s scent, Subaru thinks he may be helping. After all, the White Whale, after taking a thrashing, is now screeching and causing people to go mad. On top of that, he is sending out waves of fog not only making visibility lowered but apparently getting hit with the fog is a strong enough spell to make you forgotten. So, needless to say, Subaru being a distraction as Felix heals who he cans is a welcome assist. However, with it appearing that there may be more than one White Whale, it seems we may need to prepare for another loop.


Again, as much as I enjoy the epicness of this battle, I don’t want it dragged out till the end of the season. I, at the very least, wanna see someone get put on the throne.


The battle against the White Whale is perhaps the best we have ever seen on this show.

Though we don’t get to see how Wilhelm and his wife fell in love, you can see with the passion that he is fighting with that pent up rage is being released and may just be limitless.

Low Points

With the White Whale seeming like it won’t die, easily anyway, and now there possibly being 3 or more, I just hope a new loop doesn’t begin. That or else us losing the few precious episodes left to this one fight. Especially since the battle against the Witch’s Cult, primarily Betelgeuse, I am just giddy for.

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