Using everything he knows, and with a little luck, Subaru may finally have an answer as to how to save Emilia. With her rivals help.

Major Characters

Subaru | Rem | Crusch | Wilhelm

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Hard Fought Negotiations (Rem, Subaru, Crusch, and Wilhelm)

Summary: An alliance. Being that asking for Crusch’s help directly for the Witch’s Cult problem doesn’t work, he offers her mining rights, which Russell supports, and the chance to kill the White Whale. A being which is of interest to Anastasia, for it messes with her profits, and of interest to Crusch, for killing the White Whale makes her military family seem ever more stronger. Though it is Wilhelm who perhaps is the only one not seeing this as business or political. This is due to the White Whale killing his wife. So with Anastasia backing the deal, since the death of the White Whale is good for her trading business; Russell, who is the merchant guild rep, wanting those mining rights and the White Whale gone for his guild’s gain; and Crusch’s divine ability of wind reading, to see if someone is lying, saying Subaru does know when the whale shall appear, a deal is made.


Not to rain on Subaru’s parade, but you have to find it amusing that the boy who is basically the butler for Roswaal is negotiating items and things he does not own. On top of that, assuming Subaru’s goal is now more so to keep Emilia alive than have her become a ruler, then this deal makes sense. However, if his goal remains to put her on the throne, this pretty much kills her chances. Crusch, with Anastasia’s mercenaries assisting, are heading into battle and in this feudal world they live in, that matters. Emilia being in a castle somewhere, proclaiming she is for the demi-humans and everyone else, just isn’t going to get her the win.

I say this because, Crusch with this battle, and Wilhelm’s connections, is going to pretty much get the vote of any soldier that can cast a ballot. Then when it comes to Anastasia, she can maybe negotiate for the merchants to side with her, but then when it comes to the half-human, demi-human, and what have you, considering that is pretty much what she surrounds herself with, she can easily get their votes too. Then with Felt, she could likely get the poor and disenfranchised. So what chance does Emilia have? She isn’t rich so she can’t poach on Priscilla’s sect of the aristocracy, nor with Roswaal as her sponsor can she have the poor. The average person in a feudal system is likely to be split between who will keep them safe and who will keep money in their pockets, so they are more likely to go to Crusch or Anastasia, so what, again, does Emilia have? She looks like the witch, this alliance with Crusch doesn’t mean much for Emilia isn’t directly getting anything out of it, so how in the world does she benefit in her run for the throne?

Topic 2: The White Whale (Subaru & Rem)

Summary: With Crusch convinced, Wilhelm calling in old friends, and Anastasia’s mercenary groups assisting, everyone waits for the White Whale to show up to Flugel’s tree. Where they come face to face with the beast, Rem throws the first show, and then the episode ends.


For an episode titled “Battle Against the White Whale” I feel tricked. Granted, they needed to build toward the moment, and it is done well with Subaru figuring out, with Rem’s help, how to negotiate for what he wants and appease the other party. However, it feels like it has been so long since Subaru might actually progress toward his next checkpoint. So I must admit the waiting is slowly getting to me.

Review Summary


One of the highlights of this episode, if not this show, is witnessing Subaru mature and get smarter. Often times we are forced to watch him act rash to the point of embarrassment, but when he is having a genuine moment, be it one of vulnerability or strength, oh it snatches you back in. For whether it was last episode’s release of emotions, or him learning from his mistakes and practically offering Crusch a deal she could not refuse, so comes the reason, despite how annoying the loops are, that I stick with this show.

Low Points

Honestly, I’m just mad we will have to wait to see the battle. That and we only have 5 episodes left and it feels like there could be so much left to cover.

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