The key thing Subaru has to learn in this episode is the art of negotiation. Something he can’t do well with the aristocrats, but does awesome with when it comes to the common merchant.

Major Characters

Subaru | Rem

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The First Failure (Subaru & Crusch)

With Subaru assuming he has grown close to Crusch, he first tries to appeal to her to help. Problem is, she has a military mind and seemingly has plans of her own. One which make it seem she is preparing for a separate battle. So, with Subaru able to offer nothing but perhaps Emilia dropping out, which technically would happen if she was killed, she questions why to help the boy? Because some villagers would die? She is in a fight for the kingdom. The death of a commoner is expected. Plus, lest I forget, Subaru’s bloodlust is showing. On top of that comes the question of where his information comes from? Is he part of the witch cult, is he trying to betray Emilia, does he even care about her? He mentions the death of the cult quite a bit but Emilia barely, besides as a chess piece to trade in the big game for the throne.

So, as one should expect, Crusch dismisses him and this throws Subaru into a fit. Not one he can take out against Crusch of course, because between her own power, then Felix’s, then Wilhelm’s, he is horribly outmatched. Practically to the point you wonder why he has not seeked out any sort of combat training. Though considering him, each and every day, trying to put out one fire or another, when exactly could Puck, or another entity, teach him anything?

Topic 2: The Art of Negotiating (Subaru & Rem)

From Priscilla requiring him to lick her foot for even consideration, and being insulted when he nearly does so, to Anastasia tricking Subaru into giving information up about what Crusch is planning, it is one failure after the next. On top of that, Rem’s attempts to maybe attract the knights attention to the problem go nowhere. For despite them being aware something is going on, for Rem isn’t the only one reporting the Witch Cult’s movements, with no solid leads it makes them unable to act with certainty. Thus leaving Subaru and Rem right back where they started. But, while Anastasia may have tricked Subaru greatly, she isn’t on Priscilla’s level. At the very least she did give one thing Subaru was asking for, and that is a dragon cart. Something increasingly in short supply, again a topic for which reasons aren’t given. So it seems the plan becomes to simply whisk Emilia away from trouble.

Trouble which even Roswaal, by the way, can’t help with since he is away. Oh, and so is Reinhard so even that old friend couldn’t be of assistance. As for where Felt is while Reinhard is away, much less Old Man Rom, for the sake of added muscle, who knows? It isn’t brought up.

Topic 3: And We Were Doing So Well (Subaru)

Remember Otto from the episode when Rem abandoned Subaru and went to the mansion by herself? The dude with the green outfit who looked like a magician from a Square Enix game? Well, Subaru meets up with him and, as luck would have it, he is surrounded by a huge amount of caravans who can offer transportation. Which, thanks to the big bag of gold Rem pulls out, they all agree to partake in. Granted, they don’t fully know the many details of their rescue mission, but when you see a big bag of money, and you aren’t rich, sometimes you just don’t find the point in asking question.

Problem is though, not the Witch Cult, we don’t see them this episode, but more so the problem is that whale Rem was talking about. Again, not this episode, but a few back. Thus leading to a slight change in the way these loops work. Usually Subaru is avoiding the problems of past loops, but now he is walking into the ones he somehow avoided before.

Collected Quote(s)

[…] if your own lie doesn’t fool you, it will not deceive others.

—           “The Greed of a Pig.” Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

When those on top move, the people move. When the people move, things move.

—           “The Greed of a Pig.” Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Review Summary


Desperation is always a sad sight to see, but strangely this episode filling it with Subaru begging and pleading was oddly entertaining. Not because of the groveling, mind you, but because it stripped away any sense that the kindness we could have fathomed from any of the girls running for ruler was real. Crusch would rather Emily die and that make it easier for her to rule than help. Especially since, if my assumptions are right, she is ready to force the hand of the wisemen to choose her if she has to. Then, with the other girls, while Priscilla acted as expected, it was an interesting trick to see Anastasia defy how she seemed, and then play Subaru like a royal flush.

Though perhaps the more interesting thing to come is the fight against the whale. For while, perhaps, Rem can handle it, likely we are to learn between Otto, and those in the caravan, there is someone with some foreign power. One which will perhaps not only win this battle, but perhaps aid in the one to come against that giant beast that killed Subaru in the last episode.

Low Points

I found the quick rush to push the idea of Roswaal or Reinhard, with reasons which seemed flimsy, a bit annoying. Especially since there is no mention of whether Felt is with Reinhard and as for Roswaal… Well, being that he has always been a bit of a mystery, who is to say he isn’t the hand of the witch? Hell, what if he is the witch or maybe Emilia’s father?

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