Overview It has all been coming to this. Emilia being put up for selection, Subaru watching on, and then the prejudice of Lugnica rearing its ugly head. Thus leading to Subaru reacting and, well… Main Plot (with Commentary) Topic 1: You Made A Fool of Me (Subaru and Emilia) It has been known for quite…

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It has all been coming to this. Emilia being put up for selection, Subaru watching on, and then the prejudice of Lugnica rearing its ugly head. Thus leading to Subaru reacting and, well…

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: You Made A Fool of Me (Subaru and Emilia)

It has been known for quite a while that Emilia’s claim to the throne would be an uphill battle. From her insignia being stolen to not having a knight like everyone else, not necessarily having the same noble birth, on top of her being a half-elf looking like the legendary jealous witch, her chances have always been slim. However, difficulty is not synonymous with impossibility. So, she has struggled but moved forward.

Yet then there is Subaru. A person who desires to help, but puts an often unnecessary burden on himself, at least from Emilia’s perspective, and with this comes his crossing over from meaning well to being an utter embarrassment. In the past, Subaru’s attempts to win over and do right by Emilia were small or else done in a controlled setting. Whether it was getting her insignia back or else the work he did in the mansion, there were very few people involved and most easily could be won over. Now, though, it is the royal court and three groups which recognize the balance of their world, but don’t seem to like one another.

So imagine Emilia, already an outside now has Subaru trying and naturally making things worse. Now, let’s state the thing which set Subaru off was a mix of prejudice coming from the nobility and wise men, but in his effort to defend Emilia he ended up pissing off all three of the upper class. He upset the nobles and wise men with his impassioned speech defending Emilia, then he embarrassed Emilia, and quite frankly himself, with naming himself a knight. Something which he took on a bit too casually which upset the knight Julius but, rather than back down, Subaru doubles down on displaying a type of ego which seemed unbecoming of Subaru. Yet, this is what jealousy does. It turns a fool into an idiot and leads him to dare challenge someone with superior fighting skills to a wooden sword fight.

Topic 2: It Was All For Your Benefit (Subaru and Emilia)

Which honestly leaves Emilia stunned. For while Roswaal seems entertained, almost as if it was planned, Emilia has no idea why Subaru is acting this well, outside of ego. So she asks him, as calmly as possible, and he says it is for her. Yet, as the witch grabs his heart when he tries to speak the truth, he ends up making it seem like all he is trying to do is make sure Emilia remains in a perpetual state of owing him something.

Yes, he said before all she was special and that is why he did this, but with him asking for dates and talking about him doing stuff which she could perhaps not repay, it makes things odd. In fact, it makes it look like he is a less calculated Roswaal. For we all know Roswaal isn’t sponsoring Emilia out of the goodness of his heart, heck who knows what he tells Emilia in terms of why he helps her, but what is true is that their relationship is at least mutually beneficial. What does Emilia get out of Subaru? Someone to constantly worry about? Someone who makes life a bit harder than it needs to be? Then, on top of that, he says the types of things no person, girl or guy, would like to hear? Well, it seems that was the final straw. On top of breaking a promise, he decided to act pompous. Thus leading to what may very well be the end of their relationship.

Topic 3: Priestess Felt (Felt)

Lest we forget, Felt is a candidate to become a priestess and with this comes a bit of resistance. From what it seems, over the month Reinhard has been trying to, assumingly, mold Felt, all that has happened is her getting a nice dress. Outside of that, it seems he has told her nothing about why she was taken; didn’t give any etiquette classes; and basically kept her in holding. Which naturally leads to her going off when she learns she is in a royal selection process, that is until Old Man Rom appears to try to kidnap her. Something which, to me, seemed off.

First off, how is this big old dude going to really sneak under the castle, which looks quite well guarded, and into the throne room? On top of that, the show outright has Felt ask Reinhard if he orchestrated this. An idea which doesn’t seem farfetched since it seems Reinhard knows he can’t control Felt, so all he can do is manipulate her based on the few weaknesses she has. Of which, the only one pretty much is Rom.

However, while Rom’s appearance, and treatment by the knights, leads Felt to go from being against being selected to for, it isn’t so she can rule per se. If anything, Rom’s treatment has made her want to dismantle the country, the system which has made it where people like Rom could be treated in such a way. Something which doesn’t go over well, but considering the whole selection process isn’t clearly laid out yet, who knows what Felt’s chances truly are?

Things To Note

  • Priscilla’s intentions seemingly are to just to get more people to rule over, and her attendant is Al.
  • Crusch seemingly just wants to end the covenant with the dragon and free the people of its influence. Her attendant is Felix.
  • Emilia proclaims the ideal. She as a ruler would fight for equality, which may be difficult for with her appearance so closely resembling the jealous witch, and the hecklers ranging from 2 of the 3 leading factions (Knights, Nobles, and Wisemen) she has an uphill battle on that one.
  • Then there is Anastasia and Julius. Anastasia seems to just wish to expand what she owns more than rule over the people justly.
  • Lastly, there is Felt. She pretty much just wants to dismantle the empire and despite it seeming that Reinhard isn’t a revolutionary type, he stands by her and doesn’t try to really influence her too strongly. In public anyway.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What leads a knight to choose a priestess? Is it because they work in their area or because they genuinely believe in them?
  2. May we ever see Subaru’s ability pop up again?

Collected Quote(s)

The version of me that lives within you must be amazing. She can understand everything, even if you don’t explain it to her. She can feel all your pain, sadness, and anger as her own. I can’t understand if you don’t tell me.

— “Self-Proclaimed Knight Natsuki Subaru.” Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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