Emilia is called to the capital castle and with this change of scenery comes a new arc. One which surprisingly doesn’t end with Subaru facing death.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

There are so many new faces, and a few familiar ones, in this episode. We have the return of Reinhard, Felt, and Old Man Rom, of which two are just as we remember, while Felt has been elevated since last seen. Then there are the new faces: Felix, a feminine cat boy who works for Lady Crusch who is Emilia’s competition for the throne; Lord Miklotov, who is one of the wisemen who will choose the next rulers; Priscilla Barielle who, like everyone else, looks down on Emilia and, thanks to Subaru deciding to wander and get into Emilia’s business, used him once or twice to make Emilia jealous; Julius, who maybe competition for Emilia’s love, and likely is the knight for the Russian looking candidate; there is also Wilhelm van Astra, aka the sword demon, who likely works under Lady Crusch who, by the way, seems to have a militaristic family, and that is about it.

Aside from introductions, it seems the episode is pretty much about setting up what is to happen with all 5 of the ladies, no men, who are up to become the dragon priestess, the person who makes the covenant, and becomes the ruler of Lugunica. The wisemen have gathered, Emilia, Priscilla, Crusch, the Russian looking candidate and… Felt. Yes, Reinhard kidnapped Felt and not only convinced her to partake in the battle to become a ruler, but got her in a dress, got her twin handmaidens, and made her as girly as can be. To say this is a complete 180 is an understatement, but as for how he got her to do all this is a discussion for a later episode. What matters now is why did the wisemen call these girls to the capital? Especially when it seems no decision has been made. So, one can only guess either a test, or the beginning of a series of test, are about to begin. As for how Subaru will play a role? Well, technically Emilia doesn’t have a knight representing her, and while Roswaal seems like the obvious choice, especially considering his ill will, who knows if Emilia may let him be her knight? Either way, things are about to get interesting.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Who do you think of Emilia’s three competitiors did Elsa work for? The Russian like onel Priscilla, who thinks things come to her naturally; or Crusch? Crusch seemingly is about honor so that is questionable, yet who is to say any of these girls may not have family or allies willing to do what it takes?

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