Re:Zero (Starting Life in Another World): Season 1/ Episode 11 “Rem” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In an episode which largely focuses on the twin demons’ backstory, we learn much about them, as well as Roswaal.

Trigger Warning(s):

Main Plot (with Commentary)

For a little more than half the episode we learn of the family dynamic of Rem (Blue Hair) and Ram (Pink Hair). Prior to Ram’s horn being cut off, by Roswaal of all people, she was an oddly talented one horned demon. One which possessed the power of a two horned demon and it amazed her entire village, but especially her parents. Thus leaving Rem the less talented sister, the one overlook, and eventually this made Rem feel like a burden. Though it was especially the night when it seems whatever troupe Roswaal used to be in, that decided to burn down the demon village, that things took a turn for the worse. For while Ram did her best to kill all those who besieged the village, Roswaal got the best of her and cut off her horn. Something that, for a mere moment, Rem was happy about for it meant she was the more powerful of the two. Said feeling led to immense guilt which, in combination of the treatment of being Ram’s burden, the weaker twin, and feeling less loved, caused her to become overzealous in trying to compensate for Ram’s loss. Leading to her calling herself “The Replacement.”

Something Subaru, once the show reverts to the presents, is fighting to end the thought of. For even with Mabeasts ready to maul him, he wants to rebuild Rem and this perception of herself. An effort he really gets to focus on after Roswaal rescues them all, thanks to Emilia pushing for him to do so, and Rem and Subaru having some alone time. Thus leading to him reminding her she is the one who showed up, who has been the one to really befriend him, and it all makes for quite a touching moment.

But while they have a sweet moment together, Ram and Roswaal have one which is slightly disturbing. I say this because, it seems with Roswaal defeating Ram, and since then becoming the master, or caretaker if you wanna be nice, of Rem and Ram, it seems him and Ram begun an odd relationship. Now, I can’t say if anything dirty is happening, but even with Ram being Roswaal’s personal investigator it is hard to ignore the oddness of her sitting in his lap and saying her body is his. Much less him touching the spot, tenderly, where he cut off her horn. But, amongst this odd exchange of information and… affection? Roswaal reveals that his part in helping Emilia is all about killing the dragon. The one which, noted in episode 8, a covenant was made with.

Leaving the last thing worth noting: SUBARU AND EMILIA WILL FINALLY GO ON THEIR DATE!

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