Magane [note]I know I’m inconsistent when it comes to her name[/note] takes on Meteora’s role of being the talkative one. But, at the very least, she knows how to remain interesting as she goes on and on. The Death Toll Rises (1): Magane, Mamika, Alice A liar knowing people’s secrets isn’t good for anyone. Especially…

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A picture of Magane saying

Magane [note]I know I’m inconsistent when it comes to her name[/note] takes on Meteora’s role of being the talkative one. But, at the very least, she knows how to remain interesting as she goes on and on.

The Death Toll Rises (1): Magane, Mamika, Alice

A liar knowing people’s secrets isn’t good for anyone. Especially when said liar is Magane. Due to dumb luck, Mamika’s warnings about Altair are told to Magane. Someone who decides to use the fact she was the last one to truly talk to Mamika to create some entertainment. For, you see, before Mamika’s dies, she tells Magane who killed her and that Altair is not to be trusted. Since, in the long run, she wants to destroy the world.

A few minutes later Alice shows up and Magane remixes the truth. She says Meteora isn’t to be trusted, that she killed Mamika, and that Alice should ally herself with Altair. So, with Alice seemingly not knowing much about Magane to know not to trust her, she decides to go with it. Thus sending her off to get revenge against Meteora.


Magane laughing after Alice fell for her lie that Mamika was killed by Meteora.

Magane is such a necessary force for this show. If only because Altair seemingly is going to be held back till the very end. Hopefully for some grand battle. So with that, we need some kind of real villain. For really, Altair’s minions aren’t evil as much as they are confused. One could make an exception for Blitz Talker. However, with him not getting much in the way of development, he is honestly kind of boring.

But perhaps the most interesting thing with Mamika’s death is the fact she died. She, sort of like a Digimon when defeated, turned into data and disappeared. Now, previously I was under the impression these beings were immortal. After all, none of them likely died in their source material and were probably built like gods. Yet, with Mamika’s death comes a new sense of realness. The type which leads ones to ask, does this mean these characters are changing?

I ask this because one of the main things each one seems to want is to change their story. Perhaps control their narrative. All of which, in our world, they are doing. But while their and our worlds are converging, there comes the question of how it affects them? Could it be that their assumed immortality was real, but is being lost with time? Is there a possibility that, eventually, those with magical powers, like Meteora, won’t be able to cast spells anymore?

To me, that perhaps might be the reason Altair isolates herself for episodes at a time. For maybe the more you interact with the world of the gods, the more powerless you become? Just a thought.

The Death Toll Rises (2): Sota, Magane

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In order to be a good liar, one must be a good listener. You have to know the person you are lying to and have it where they know only enough about you to trust you. That way, they believe the lies you tell until they eventually are a doppelganger of the truth. Well, with maybe one or two blemishes.

This is all to say that after Magane convinces Alice that Meteora killed Mamika, she tries to do the same with Sota. Thing is, he knows her character so he doesn’t fall for it. However, with her knowing about Shimazaki and having quite the skills of deduction, she has him in a blackmail situation. One which she plans to use him in order to spread her lie. That is until Mirokuji shows up.


Being that Magane has no alliance to anyone, she just wants chaos. With that, and her lying powers deflecting everyone else’s, you have to wonder what can stop her? Arguably, Mamika was touted as perhaps the strongest of them all. So, who is the next strongest? Who has the ability to stop a pathological liar with magical abilities?

Based off her fight with Mirokuji, it certainly isn’t him. Then, even when Alice discovers Magane is lying, I doubt her powers could do anything to Magane either. Leaving the question: What is this girl’s weakness?

That aside, I should note that Sota comes clean to Meteora about Shimizaki. Also, he hints at the reason he is involved with her death. Not enough for us to know the facts, but definitely enough to know he owns some blame.

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    1. Just a warning, it will be boring as hell at first. Mostly due to Meteor breaking down things to a ridiculous extent.

      1. Possibly and that seemed to be the general agreement from most bloggers covering the show. But, it seems like there’s some interesting ideas and I’m curious to see some of the things I’ve been reading about play out.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to what your final views on the show are.

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