Re:Creators: Season 1/ Episode 8 “I CHOSE This Way of Life” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

The majority of the episode focuses on everyone learning Altair’s name and background. However, alongside that, we have Mamika confronting Altair and Chikujoin interacting with Sota. Alone. Everyone Knows But Half The Story: Sota, Meteora, and Chikujoin As of now, everyone seems to know Altair’s true name. However, Sota has yet to reveal his place…

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The majority of the episode focuses on everyone learning Altair’s name and background. However, alongside that, we have Mamika confronting Altair and Chikujoin interacting with Sota. Alone.

Everyone Knows But Half The Story: Sota, Meteora, and Chikujoin

As of now, everyone seems to know Altair’s true name. However, Sota has yet to reveal his place within her development or creation. Once more, like with Mamika, he is given the opportunity to say something to Meteora. However, he chickens out once more. Well, not completely. He hints that he was involved with but remains cryptic.

But, while everyone else is being patient and waiting for Sota to open up, not Chikujoin. She outright confronts him and seemingly is ready to blackmail him. Why? Who knows. But it does seem, despite all those who have taken an interest in her, she has her sights honed on Sota.


While we’re in it for the long haul, I really do wish that we could get to the point more often with this show. For while Meteora’s thoughts on friendship and trust were something actually worth listening to, the pacing is killing me. I want to know and see everyone’s reaction to Sota being involved. Of which I doubt will be as dramatic as he is making it seem.

But, while on that thought of what they think, I do wonder if any of the other creators got to visit a creations world? If you remember from episode one, Sota somehow entered Selesia’s world. Yet, so it seems, that hasn’t been something everyone else had the opportunity to do. So it leaves me wondering if this show may ever revisit that? Could it be, after Altair is defeated, the problem then becomes the Gods going to their own worlds? Maybe getting trapped there? I only ask for, again, outside of dragging everything out, I’m so unsure how this show may do 22 episodes.

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That thought aside, I wonder what Chikujoin wants? Also, what is it about Sota which has her stalking him, much less trying to keep in contact? I doubt her whole date thing is serious, so what is her motive here? Is she just interested in the chaos of his life? Does she realize it all likely begins and ends with him, so you have to keep close? It all is very curious.

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Also what is very curious is that creators are involved with government affairs to the point they are. For, as of now, it seems they are powerless against their creations. They can’t rewrite or really combat against them. They simply need the government’s protection for their creations, understandably, have a bone to pick. So really, outside of identifying each other, which their Google could do, what is their purpose?

Confronting Altair: Mamika, Altair

Mamika is having a hard time being loyal to Altair, especially with all she knows now. However, due to Mamika’s nature, she tries to peacefully confront Altair. Perhaps even sympathize with her. Problem is, Altair doesn’t want sympathy. What she wants is revenge. Not just against the gods it seems, but perhaps against her fellow creations too. For there is just so much hatred inside of her that she doesn’t know what to do with it.

Hence why, when Mamika dares to mention Shimazaki’s name, she attacks her. In fact, she makes strikes to kill. To the point, eventually, Mamika has to use that ultimate attack she has been threatening to use. Something that, when used, looks like the type of explosions you see in a DBZ episode.


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Altair is turning into one of those villains who seem so one-note. Making me believe that her quest for revenge really needs a backstory. I think we need to see Shimazaki turn her from this character Shirotusmekusa, from some game called Eternal Wars Megalosphere, into what is described as a secondary creation. Otherwise, as powerful as she is, ultimately she will be just part of what makes this show, sometimes, disappointing.

Well, at least disappointing in pursuing the idea of the relationship between creation and creator. Much less, said creations being in the world of “The gods.” For it just seems like that interesting concept continues to be ignored and while the fight between creations is okay, I wouldn’t call it a selling point.

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