Re:Creators: Season 1/ Episode 12 “Be Desperate and Draw Something Fascinating” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Chibi Altair

Unfortunately, after Sota’s confession, we return to Meteora delivering a long explanation of how things work and what’s to come. Which, while informative, may bore you into a nice nap.

The End of Shimazaki: Sota

To put it simply, Shimazaki reaches out to Sota for advice, some sort of human empathy, and he delivers nothing. He implies he can’t relate and for her to ask someone else. Thus giving her nothing, no one, to help bear her cross so she goes in front of a train.


The end of this was anti-climactic as hell. For what felt like the first time, in a long time, the show was actually developing a sense of emotion. It was crafting a real, “Let’s make you naturally feel worried or empathy for a character.” Yet it screws it up. It spent the last episode building up the story wonderfully, but then, almost like the show didn’t want to be too good for too long, because then expectations, it shut down this storyline quickly.

Which honestly gave me that desire again to just stop watching this. For I truly am tired of this show being uneventful and a bore to watch for 2-3 episodes. Then, suddenly, with a good battle, a good storyline, a new character or Magane showing up, it gets interesting again. But the highs and lows are too drastic to really deal with on what feels like a consistent basis.

What Is To Come For Our Heroes: Meteora

A very long part of the episode short, Meteora coordinates what should be the final battle. What will happen is every creator will write a tie-in story. One which will isolate Altair and weaken her. For with her receiving powers from her secondary creations inspired by the original, that is making her seem unstoppable. So, to combat this, the creators will beef up their character in a canon way, introduce Altair to weaken her position, trap her in the story world, and then hope their beings can defeat her.

The only problem foreseen is getting the publishers and fans behind this.


Is it a terrible idea? No. However, I hate when they let Meteora explain things. That monotone voice of hers is like a lullaby and it consistently knocks me out. This isn’t a joke either. While the character isn’t terrible her voice is probably what I hate the most about this show. Especially because they let her go on and on is an almost monologue type of way.

But, really focusing on the trajectory we are told, it should be interesting seeing the creators work and convince their publishers to contribute. Much less get other creators involved to really bolster this story. Oh, and on top of that, see how they may handle those involved with the creation of their enemies’ stories. For while Altair is their focus, they cannot ignore Blitz Talker and Alicetaria.

What Is Planned By The Villains: Alicetaria, Altair

Speaking of Aliceataria, she decides to have a nice life and death chat with her creator Takarada. Nothing fancy, just if he says the wrong thing he plummets to the ground. Just usual father/ daughter chat. For one thing, Alicetaria wants to know is whether what Sota told her was universally true or just to calm her down. Which, while Takarada stumbles at first, he says was true. Thus giving him a reprieve. Though he stupidly mentions to her about stories being cancelled which could become a problem for someone. Mostly a creator.

As for Altair? Well, it seems she has brought Selesia’s counterpart into the story. However, he is on her side and it seems fully indoctrinated. To make matters worse for our heroes though, Altair plans to hit the limit of three or four more to recoup her losses and those she couldn’t convince to join her side.


Asking the creators for a friend… and myself.

I’ve lost interest. There is no other way to put it. While it would be interesting to see what would happen if any character’s manga suddenly got cancelled, I don’t care. After 12 episodes, I want this to be over and unfortunately, there are 10 more episodes to go. But I do not feel like suffering through 10 more and wasting part of my Saturday. For, I honestly am not invested in one single character. I don’t care about the creators, don’t care about the heroes, and when it comes to the villains, I only really enjoy Magane. But with her not taking a side, she basically comes and goes like the wind.

So I’m handing in my resignation on this series. It had an interesting concept, to begin with, but between Meteora’s monologues and it just avoiding the trauma of the characters, I’m done.

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