Princess Principal Season 1 Episode 9 Pell mell Duel Chise

Episodes like this make me want to look up the definition of “filler.” For while we get to see and understand Chise’s point of view, only the tiniest of baby steps toward “Operation: Changeling” are noted.

Letters To My Sister: Chise

With it being 4 months since she came to the Commonwealth, and stayed at Lord Harikawa’s request, Chise decides to write a letter to her sister. One detailing the sort of culture clash she has experienced, her views on the girls and their mission, and things of that nature. Of which you can tell she longs for Japan and what was normal for her. Yet, with Lord Harikawa needing her advice on whether to accept the treaty of the kingdom or not, she stays for the benefit of her country.

Though, over the last few months, it does seem she hasn’t become an outright outsider. Ange may still leave her out of missions, but Beatrice takes up her usual duties as being the welcoming party and Princess Charlotte [note]The fake one[/note], continues to be a sweetheart.

In fact, she helps set up a duel for Chise after these racist men insult her country and kill a barely born butterfly. Then, after that, all the girls celebrate her victory. Alongside how it provided a distraction so they could tap into the Chief Justice’s daughter, Lily’s, direct line to the home secretary. For, so it seems, there are more spies than perhaps we have previously known.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was the mission the girls went on that required Beatrice to modify her voice? Was that another one which, ultimately, was unimportant?


Spies Around Every Corner

Princess Principal Season 1 Episode 9 Pell mell Duel Lily Gaveston

One of the good things about learning the Princess’ bodyguard is a spy, alongside one of the other girls at her school, is it helps preserve the idea that the Duke of Normandy, aka the home secretary, is always watching. Much less, is a villain who lives in the shadows. Now, it would be nice if he made himself known more but then I would be complaining how unrealistic his actions were and how, surely a man of his position, has better things to do than stalk a teenaged girl.

How Chise Sees Everything and Everyone

Chise’s backstory in episode 5 was followed by Dorothy’s and Ange’s and pretty much got blown out of the water. With that, she has seemed like the one, second to Beatrice, who we haven’t gotten to know as intimately as the others. Which wasn’t necessarily solved with this episode, but it does help establish this sense of isolation, as well as the racism she experiences, as a Japanese young woman.

Princess Principal Season 1 Episode 9 Pell mell Duel Racism

Something I think is worth noting for even though the Commonwealth and Kingdom of Albion are fictional, it was nice to be reminded how racist English speakers can be. Alongside how ignorant they are of other cultures. For, in terms of this show, it helps push the idea that Chise, as much as she is one of the girls, she will always ultimately be an outsider. Someone who sticks out wherever they go and with that, alongside Ange’s isolation, it’ll always make it so her loyalty to Japan will come before the girls.

Which is perhaps what Ange knows, hence why she doesn’t let Chise get more involved – even if she knows she is capable of doing more than watching the getaway vehicle. If not Beatrice or Charlotte.


So, About Operation: Changeling

Princess Principal Season 1 Episode 9 Pell mell Duel Chise wants to be useful

Okay, have I completely ignored everything was preparing for this operation or did the operation happen already and we are just working our way back up to it? I ask since the timeline of this show has thrown me off repeatedly with only the case numbers giving any real hint to the order the episodes should be in.

But, with Operation: Changeling being the sole goal we have been presented this season, that can happen, it does make me wonder what is it again? Also, how and why are these handful of girls part of it? Especially considering how it is something which seems like it could shift the power of the country? Which isn’t to take a piss at the girls, but more so you’d think the adult spies would have a bigger hand in this vs. a bunch of teenagers. No matter how talented they are.

Then again, we don’t know who is dealing with the Duke of Normandy in a more direct manner.


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  1. Operation Changeling has to yet to happen. Ange and the others had said they thought Chise would help OC succeed in episode 5, which takes place back in case 7. Since this episode sort of answers or at least elaborates many of the questions that were brought up in episode 5, it only makes sense. However, OC remains a mystery.

    1. I would love to know why they decided to put the episodes out of order the way they did. If I was a die hard fan it would be fine since then it would be like a puzzle, but this show doesn’t inspire that type of passion – for me anyway.

      Thanks for the clarity 🙂

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