Princess Principal: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Ripper Dipper (Case 20)” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Ange and Charlotte’s backstory is finally revealed and for some, it might just be a bit of a tearjerker.

Julie and Chloe: Ange

To check and see if he maybe a traitor, Lord O’Reilly is being tempted by the Duke of Normandy agent Gazelle. Something we don’t learn until down the line for a portion of the episode is dedicated to a stakeout. One in which Ange and Charlotte switch places, seemingly like the old days, and Ange, as Chloe, meets a little orphan named Julie.

A girl who survives off of being a pickpocket, but isn’t a terribly good one. That is, until Ange teaches her how to be. This act of kindness leads Julie to grown fond of Ange. To the point when Ange asks of Julie to bump into Gazelle, whose veil makes it hard to identify her, she does it without question. Not knowing Ange would not only beat up her mean caretaker but give her a letter of introduction to an orphanage. One which will allow Julie to have a better life. Maybe not her friends, or siblings, but Ange can’t save them all. She can only do for Julie what she perhaps wishes someone did for her, if not the true Ange.


Julie and Ange

It is really coming to a point where I don’t even care about the spy stuff anymore. I’m looking forward to whoever the random people are that will be featured in the episode. In this case, it was Julie who represents life for Ange, either real Ange or the one we know, back in the day. For, so it seems, they share having an abusive adult who was tasked with taking care of them and, at first, seemingly not being good at it.

Yet, both found Charlotte, Ange’s true identity, and she became a silver lining in their world. One which taught them valuable skills and even gave them access to a better life. But, at what costs?

The Wall: Ange, Charlotte

The relationship of Ange and Charlotte becomes clear as Ange, who is actually Charlotte, tells Julie about the Princess and the Pickpocket. Before the revolution, Charlotte (our grey haired Ange) was a princess. One who spent most of her time alone and studying. Yet, one day, Ange (the now princess Charlotte) peered through a hole in the wall and discovered Charlotte.

Their resemblance was uncanny and good enough to fool everyone. But no questions are asked about whether they are twins. All these two girls cared about was having a friend to play with. Something they did quite a while.

However, one of their games, trading places, was done on the worse day possible. On the day of the revolution Charlotte dressed up as Ange for she wanted to see the outside world. After all, with her one-day becoming queen, she wants to know what life is like and real people. Unfortunately, her first introduction is being slammed against a wall and, on her way back, falling into a hole. Thus leaving Ange to become Charlotte and Charlotte to become Ange.


The words which led Charlotte, before she became Ange, to change her life altogether.

Early on in episode 2, and episode 3 to a point, it was revealed to us the nature of Charlotte and Ange’s relationship. Well, at least it was hinted that there was more to these two than meets the eye. With this episode, the beginning and real Ange’s middle is presented. However, it remains to be told how real Charlotte went from street urchin to spy. Which, I assume, alongside how Dorothy became a spy, maybe one of our next back stories to explore.

With that said, I do wonder why there isn’t any questioning in regards to real Ange maybe being related to real Charlotte? Not by Beatrice and the rest, but between Ange and Charlotte. For while, as kids, I’m sure having a playmate may have been all that mattered, but what about the here and now? Also, though liking dyeing her hair is the answer, how did real Charlotte go from blonde to a sort of grey?

With this backstory, it seems while we got clarification on a big topic, it just led to a slew of smaller questions gaining room and maybe a little bit of prevalence.

Thank You, Old Friend: Charlotte, Ange

Imagine being Ange, real Ange, and going from a street urchin to a princess. Your education is solely what your good friend Charlotte taught you and you are a monarch living at the time of revolution. Alongside that, adults around you are all foreign and you have to keep up appearances. Can you imagine the stress of that?

On the other hand, what remains to be seen, is real Charlotte going from a princess to a street urchin. Learning how to survive the abusive and cold world of the slums until she became a spy. Much less crossed the wall and became reunited with her best, and perhaps only, friend.

These two young ladies lived such difficult lives to get back to each other. Yet, together again they are and with them dueting on a piano like the old days, it is like they barely skipped a beat. Making it seem, as much as the whole spy aspect of the show isn’t going anywhere, at least these two are becoming close as ever.


With the way a lot of anime tend to be, I am finding it less surprising we are within 5 episodes of this ending and yet we are still doing back stories. If only because, similar to Knights and Magic, I fully expect this to ramp up as we get closer to the end. And in those moments, I bet you all the girls and women we saw helped by White Pigeon will play a role. One in which the Duke of Normandy ends up getting taken down.

But, as for how we will transition from back story episodes, with random side character introductions, to finally getting to the heart of the series, I find it hard to say. Though what will be noted is that with Charlotte or Ange revealing to Lord O’Reilly she is a spy, I think that may set things up. For the girls are starting to slip and make things just a bit too obvious at this point. After all, I’m sure someone is following Princess Charlotte, at the Duke of Normandy’s command, and is noting how many failed missions usually have her around or suddenly showing up. So it is but a matter of time before the hen comes to roost and the Duke of Normandy makes his move.



  • Ange and Charlotte’s childhood past revealed in detail.
  • Another touching side story.
  • A reminder that the Duke of Normandy works within the shadows.

Low Points

  • It still not being fully clear what the end game is for this show.


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