Princess Principal: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Dancy Conspiracy (Case 1)” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Well, consider me sold. A quite intriguing detail is revealed this episode and now I’m so hooked on seeing how it unfolds.

The New Girl: Dorothy, Ange

Ange, on a scholarship, joins Queen’s Mayfaire Academy and this is to some shock of Dorothy. Not because of jealousy or thinking she’d be better off alone mind you. The shock more so comes from Ange’s talents with Cavorite magic 1. As for Ange? Well, she is just shocked a 20-year-old was put on an assignment to masquerade as someone in secondary school.


I kind of liked that the show jumped back to when Ange first got at Queen’s Mayfaire. For while we aren’t necessarily shown all of her life from age 7 to now, you gotta start somewhere right? So, at the very least, we’ll get to see how she got established there and came to know the girls. Of which, it seems Dorothy was the first infiltrator and then others soon followed.

But, with that in mind, I am hoping we may get some backstory on Dorothy. For with the show whittling things down to just them and the Princess, I thought they would have dropped some facts about her. But, alas, outside of her being 20, we don’t learn a thing.

Stopping the Defection: Dorothy, Ange, Princess Charlotte, Beatrice

A key to a vault containing military blueprints may fall into the hands of the Home Secretary officer, the Duke of Normandy. Which, as you can understand, would cause an imbalance of power in an already delicate diplomatic relationship. So, naturally, the girls are supposed to find a way to get that key.

Though I should note, originally their job was just to get close to Princess Charlotte. However, between her royal guard and Beatrice, that didn’t seem like it would be easy. But, being that Ange is quite the talented young lady, she kills two birds with one stone.

The first target is Princess Charlotte, as planned. She, as she tries to befriend her, spills organic dye on her dress, and takes said dress to masquerade as her. With that done, as the princess waits for a new dress, she masquerades as her. Doing so allows Ange to bypass Chairman (MP) Morris’ guards and get close.

Thus leading to use seeing Ange’s ability to wheel and deal. A talent which works quite well when Princess Charlotte reveals she knows Dorothy and Ange are spies. For now, she has to negotiate, with her people. For unless Princess Charlotte goes from 4th in line to next for the crown, she will expose Dorothy and Ange.

Leading Ange to try to make a deal with her people. Either make the Princess a mole or I’ll kill her to protect myself. Something which, even with the Duke of Normandy around, and being shown to be a killer himself, is of no matter to her. But, luckily for the princess, who seemingly thought she had the upper hand, a deal is made. So, the key Ange got from the chairman is slipped to the princess and so began Princess Charlotte being part of this spy brigade.


As can be shown through Youjo Senki, I am not someone much for politics. Yet, Princess Principal thankfully doesn’t include a whole lot of politicians or decision makers over the girls or for them to combat. As of now, The Duke of Normandy is their sole and main adversary. Someone who, just with that gun ring, has made himself a standout amongst the rest of the adults who I don’t think we have been told the name of. As of now, we know one represents the military but I can’t even guess what branches the rest represent.

But, political matters aside, naturally the thing which was most shocking and interesting was Princess Charlotte. Without skipping a beat, she threatened to expose the girls if they didn’t make her next in line for the throne. Which tickled the hell out of me for she is playing against type. She is this smiling and bright girl, a supposed favorite of the queen, and to hear her willing to sell her kingdom to later assume the role as its leader? I found myself fascinated with her. Especially since the Duke of Normandy is her uncle which means she, as a mole, would be highly valuable.

Though, considering what we learn next, it is hard to say if she may not be the only mole. If not a potential double agent.

Hello Again: Princess Charlotte, Ange

How could Princess Charlotte, someone who seemingly only has Beatrice as a companion, possibly learn two well-trained spies are in her midst? Was it because of how forward Ange was? Maybe because a girl of Dorothy’s supposed age was all bosoms out to talk to an MP? Nope.

What revealed Ange and Dorothy was Ange. She slipped Charlotte a note. As for why? Well, it seems 10 years ago these two knew each other. In fact, maybe more than knew each other but were close. Possibly as close as blood relatives for Charlotte calls Ange by her name. Making you wonder if Ange is the true 4th in line and not just some no-name spy who was formerly a refugee.


I won’t say this blew my mind, but it definitely was unexpected. Yet, it does make me excited as for what may happen from here. For with us knowing the intentions of Princess Charlotte, and who Ange truly is, does that mean they are playing everyone? Much less, with Charlotte referring to Ange by her name, does that mean she is the true Princess? Is there some Anastasia stuff going on here? Much less, does anyone else know Princess Charlotte is an imposter? Could it be they are twins, sisters, or cousins and one stepped in for the other?

I am left with so many questions…

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are we ever going to learn why these girls, in particular, were chosen?
  2. Will we ever learn how Cavorite orbs/ magic works?

What's Your Take?

Negative Mixed Positive

Things To Note

  1. Do we consider that thing magic?
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