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Owarimonogatari: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Sodachi Lost” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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With it being a few days since Senjyogahara and Sodachi fought, and neither returning to school since, it is decided that a home visit should be done. Issue is, while Araragi is confirmed, who will go with him is in question. As well as what lies behind the front door of Sodachi’s home?    

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Characters & Story (with Commentary)

As noted in the overview, Sodachi has once again decided to disappear after public embarrassment. However, unlike before, it seems her peers won’t let her isolate herself and be left with her misery. Thus leading to the idea of a home visit. Though with Senjyogahara also out, there comes a problem. Who between the class president, Hanekawa, and vice president, Araragi, should visit who? Well, originally Araragi was to visit Sodachi by himself, but then came Ougi.

Now, despite Ougi seeming like a relatively old character, there is a constant reminder of how new she is to Araragi’s life. This is mostly coming from Hanekawa who feels rather uncomfortable about Ougi. Partly because of Araragi’s tendencies to have peculiar relationships with underclassmen, but also because something feels off about Ougi. As for how she defines what makes Ougi off? Well, arguably she may perhaps feels as I do and might wonder if Ougi, despite claiming to just be a simple 1st year girl, might be something else altogether. Though, one must also note, being that Ougi seems to desire Araragi’s time, and speaks of how much gratitude she has for him taking up time with her, perhaps what makes Hanekawa feel off is because this isn’t like the other odd relationships Araragi has had. For in those, with perhaps a slight exception when it comes to Kanbaru, it pretty much was all Araragi acting weird. With this situation though, Ougi is leading the charge and Araragi is pretty much falling for every trap and riddle.

Thus leading to both asking for Araragi to decide who shall go with him to Sodachi’s. Ougi makes the claim that she should go due to her helping Araragi immensely thus far with his situation with Sodachi, and how good of a listener she is. For Hanekawa, her move is basically saying she’d let Araragi touch her breast if she chooses him. Leading to Araragi choosing her.

But, before we end this summary, let it be known he did not choose her to touch her breast. More so, Araragi recognized that if Hanekawa was really willing to go that far, something is wrong. But, as noted, it is not with her, but possibly with Ougi. Leaving us outside of Sodachi’s door and wondering what we may see on the other side.


It isn’t often we see Hanekawa exert herself as she did this episode. Granted, it is mostly because this situation with Ougi maybe one of the few times she has really had the opportunity to actively protect Araragi, but still to see her go at someone so strongly. Though, lest we forget, it isn’t just because she wants to protect Araragi, but also because of how low-key disrespectful Ougi is. After all, while Ougi does butter up Hanekawa by speaking of her intelligence, at the same time she says Hanekawa is past her prime. Which, who knows if that maybe true, but I think she really got under Hanekawa’s skin and it was so interesting to watch. After all, the way Ougi played her hand forced Hanekawa to put Araragi touching her breast onto the table so that he would choose her.

On The Fence

Though I will never claim to be an Ougi fan, I must admit that, even with her Hanekawa face-off aside, she is really starting to grow on me. But I do feel I have to question whether or not she might be taking social cues from Senjyogahara when it comes to interacting with Araragi. For with her seemingly having a possible crush on him, it seems she is now mimicking how Senjyogahara both insults and compliments him. This can be seen by her wanting to show gratitude, her touching him intimately, and getting rather into his personal space, and yet calling him names throughout their conversation. As if she has seen what he will deal with, and possibly likes, and figures between her youth, intelligence, and how dedicated she is to him, all she needs is to learn the right balance of dedication and insults to make Araragi hers.

I feel a bit more explanation should of went into how Sodachi found out about Araragi’s parents back in the day. The topic was the sole thing which ruined Ougi’s theory, but it was brushed over so quickly, how she found out, that it almost feels like they wanted to drop that mystery for it wouldn’t go anywhere.

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