With the return of Sodachi, and her being reacquainted with Araragi going terribly wrong, so comes the question of why she despises him so much? A question which may just be the focus of the season’s first arc.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

As Hanekawa noted in the last episode, Sodachi is back. Unfortunately though, rather than those two years be any resemblance to bliss, it seems her time being homeschooled was like prison. Though, to make matters worse, it seems said time of solitude just gave her time to think. Think about how her whole class, despite her knowing the teacher was the culprit, turned on her, and how embarrassing that was; time to think about how lucky Araragi is, and how ungrateful he is for such luck; and, overall, it seems that whatever life Araragi has that Sodachi doesn’t both then and now, is causing malice to fester.

All of which Araragi doesn’t understand at all, though with Sodachi stabbing him with a writing utensil, S— goes down. Not because Araragi retaliates mind you, but because Senjyogahara sees what happens and after a brief back and forth between her and Sodachi [1], Sodachi dares to slap Senjyogahara and, in return, Senjyogahara knocks Sodachi out.

Leaving Araragi to try to understand why Sodachi despises him, which leads to Ougi coming back into the fold. Making it seem between Hanekawa updating Sodachi on Araragi’s life, and maybe Ougi pressing her buttons, those two might be the reason why Sodachi blew up like she did. Though, a part of me really wants to blame Hanekawa for most of this, if not Kanbaru. For, despite Araragi claiming he can’t help but answer Ougi’s questions, there comes the thoughts of how did Ougi learn of Sodachi’s existence in the first place? I mean, granted, Ougi seems like an apparition herself, but likely she is just a very weird human. One who, I think, loves manipulating people, especially those as entertaining as Araragi, and playing with their drama and figuring out what makes them so appealing to her.

Now, as for why Araragi doesn’t see this? Well, likely because he doesn’t analyze people that much. He takes them on face value and, so it seems, enjoys Ougi’s company. Be it because she is Oshino’s niece, and seems as insightful as him, or because he likes having a sidekick on his adventures. Especially on ones like this in which he can’t fathom where the journey will end, much less which path to take.


  • Senjyogahara knocking out Sodachi.
  • The mention of Araragi’s parents, if only because I think we have only met the mother, and not the father, and it brings hopes that, sooner or later, we will possibly see them, and the fire sisters, again.

On The Fence

  • While Ms. Tetsujo being gone is what allows Sodachi to return, a part of me would have liked to see them pass each other or, at the very least, have a very awkward moment visualized between them. After all, while Araragi is part of Sodachi’s problems, arguably Ms. Tetsujo was the straw which broke the camel’s back.

Collected Quote(s)

Most of who I was back in grade school, or middle school, is far beyond the boundaries of oblivion. It even feels like I was actually born very recently.

—  “Sodachi Riddle – Part One.” Owarimonogatari

Actions you take during childhood are all mysterious. None of them can be really explained. I have no idea why I was doing such a thing. My train of thought was completely different from what it is now.

—                       “Sodachi Riddle – Part One.” Owarimonogatari

Things To Note

[1]: It should be noted that before Araragi came around, and was sort of taking care of Senjyogahara, it was Sodachi who was helping her out. Something Senjyogahara acknowledges, but with Sodachi stabbing her boyfriend, which she doesn’t even do anymore, and her talking down to her, much less slapping her, it was over. Senjyogahara, despite Hanekawa’s tries, couldn’t be held back.

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