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Monogatari (Tsukimonogatari): Season 3/ Episode 3 “Yotsugi Doll, Part Three” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Just as things have already gotten bad for Araragi, it gets worse due to a kidnapping.

Topic 1: An Oath – Araragi & Kagenui

Topic 2: Out Of Network Call – Araragi

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: An Oath – Araragi & Kagenui

With Araragi on the brink of becoming a vampire, and Kagenui warning him that if he does she will kill him, Ononoki brokers peace by asking Araragi to promise to not become a vampire. Something he does, but with him mentally acknowledging that if Hanekawa or Senjogahara were in trouble he would break the oath, only hope keeps the belief in his promise alive. However, what is on the horizon may lead to his oath being broken the same night it is made.


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Topic 2: Out Of Network Call – Araragi

We learn, not too long after Araragi’s promise, that Tadatsuru, the only other like Kagenui who goes after immortal apparitions, has decided to kidnap Araragi’s sisters and Gaen’s niece [1]. Thus leading Gaen to want Kagenui to assist Araragi with his inevitable adventure. Issue is, Kagenui doesn’t have training to fight humans so Ononoki has to step in. Also, there remains the issue of not only Araragi not being able to use his power, but also Tsukihi being a phoenix apparition. Meaning, while Araragi is the main target, his sister’s life is also threatened.

As for why Araragi is being threated? Well, it is a network issue. You see, Tadatsuru isn’t a part of the network Gaen has which includes Oshino, who vouched for Shinobu and Araragi being harmless; Kaiki; and Kagenui. He is someone who works on his own and seemingly doesn’t have the same conclusion about Shinobu and Araragi. Meaning Araragi, without using Shinobu or his vampire powers, needs to try to convince this stranger to walk away without violence being part of the solution. Something which, the way Kagenui puts it, may not be an easy task.


Recognizing I’m a little tired, and that all of the Monogatari seasons basically are more so monologues than conversations, I must admit I’m slightly confused about this Tadatsuru situation. If only because he is coming out of nowhere, and his motives aren’t made clear. For Kagenui doesn’t make him seem like the type who is wiping out immortals for fun. If anything, she makes him seem like a nomad who, for money, does like Oshino and just mediates things. So with him coming after Araragi, and Shinobu, through kidnapping, I must admit this person seems rather perplexing. Add in he put a riddle and has staged a battle ground for their meeting, and you continue to see a very interesting build toward the fourth episode. One which we know Araragi survives, as well as those kidnapped, due to this season, chronologically, coming before Suruga Devil, and yet it doesn’t kill the hype. If only because, without his powers backing him up, you know something interesting is likely to come out of Araragi’s mouth to save his sisters and Kanbaru. What exactly, though? Well, we’ll find out soon.

Things To Note

[1] In the first episode Araragi asked Tsukihi to go with Karen to Kanbaru’s due to him, Araragi, planning to call Kagenui. Though it seems the preventive measures he planned out went to waste since, so it seems, what he was trying to protect her from ended up happening. Just without her dying, as of now.

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