Maria The Virgin Witch: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Perfect Virgin" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In the middle ages, a witch finds herself getting in the middle of things to protect people, and keep peace in her realm of influence.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

A young witch named Maria, famed for being a virgin witch, finds herself on the wrong side of history since the Roman Catholic Church has branded her a heretic. Despite the branding, though, those local to her home still seek her out for spells and medicine. Especially as people are drafted for war. Leading to the introduction of a handful of people: Little Ana, a girl who is quite mesmerized by Maria; Joseph, a boy who kissed Maria’s hand, and now has her smitten; Galfa, a money hungry mercenary; and Artemis, Maria’s succubus. All of which take part in the molding of France in its war against England, with other witches soon to be introduced.


I must admit, with the topic of war, the middle ages, and the anticipation of heartbreak, I was really into the episode when it began. Then with the introduction of the other witches of the area, and one from England who goes where the money is, it presents the idea that it won’t just be the humans going to war. And while I wasn’t too into Joseph and Maria as a pairing, at the same time with Joseph seeming innocent, and Maria an awkward and naïve virgin, I would imagine they could have awkward cute conversations. Which of course Artemis could make interesting due to her being a succubus who is very adept when it comes to sex.


To be frank, I felt a bit bored. Be it because the virgin Maria is not that interesting of a lead or the amount of fan service, I found myself more so rolling my eyes than being concerned for characters’ lives, or even curious as to what spells she could cast. Though, I will admit, part of the issue could just be that I’m so used to violent anime that something which may have death, but isn’t over the top about it, I have an indifference for. Though with Maria not being involved in any sort of interesting story, be it with Artemis, Joseph, or even little Ana, it really did make this both easy to watch and easy to forget.

Overall: Stick Around

Maria The Virgin Witch is by no means horrible, but I do feel like it doesn’t sell itself well in its first episode. However, being that the show revolves around war, sex, and likely religious politics, it could very well get interesting. Now, whether it will become Game of Thrones interesting, I can’t say. However, I think it will get better with time if it doesn’t decide to employ corny fan service comedy in the future.

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