Magical Girl Site: Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Princess and the Poisoned Apple” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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While we don’t learn more about the Tempest, we do learn about Yatsumura’s past and meet another magical girl with a very weird object.

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Director(s)Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s)Takayo Ikami
Air Date4/20/2018
Actors Introduced
NijiminYū Serizawa

A Friendship In Bloom: Yatsumura, Aya

With us learning Yatsumura’s family was murdered, it becomes clear that Aya may just be all she has at the moment. And while partnering up with her simply started as a strategy thing, which has increasingly become beneficial to Yatsumura, there are signs a friendship is blooming as well. For while the girls may not be going to lunch together or normal girl things, when Yatsumura calls Aya a handful, or something similar, there is a slight tone of affection there. Of which, with the way Aya acts, it seems she has learned to decode her mysterious friend and figured that is just the way she is and she shouldn’t take offense to it.


Yatsumura asking Aya what's so funny?

With how horrible Aya’s life has been, which we got a glimpse of in episode 1, seeing her have some sort of friend is so heartwarming that it is hard to not get a little bit giddy. Especially since the friendship is mutually beneficial. Safety wise, while Aya is still a little fearful about using her gun, she is getting more comfortable about the idea. Also, with her assisting Yatsumura in helping to revive Rina, she proves to Yatsumura that she is someone that can truly be relied on.

Then, on top of the safety thing, considering how isolated Aya was by default and Yatsumura by choice, you have to enjoy seeing them both slowly let their guard down and Aya even skip. I’m talking like the little girl she is. And while you know it is short-lived, any reprieve is a welcomed one.

Trying to Revive Rina: Aya, Yatsumura, Nijimin

With so little information about the Tempest that Rina was worried about, they need her to come out of her coma and answer some questions. Problem is, after using so many magical staffs, Rina’s body is reportedly that of an elderly person. So, now she is in a coma and the girls have to scramble to perhaps find someone who has a staff which can awaken her.

Enter Nijimin, a musical idol. One that, thanks to Aya coming up with the idea of talking to her during a meet and greet, they get some two on one time. Thus revealing Nijimin could maybe help them, since her magical underwear forces people to do as she wants, but then comes one simple problem – Rina killed Nijimin’s best friend. So, with that in mind, they reach a dead end.


Nijimin after showing Aya and Yatsumura her dark side.

As much as I want to raise an eyebrow and note how creepy it is that magical underwear makes people, we mostly see men, do what Nijimin pleases, and her noting where she bleeds being a secret – HARD PASS. For what is more interesting to me is how she might have used these powers to perhaps further her career. Also, how does her powers work?

When Aya and Yatsumura are invited into her home, she has a handful of men, who look like they are under her power, handling all her chores. With this comes the question of whether she only one has to use her powers to control you or if she is just continually doing so? Also, with most of the girls dealing with some kind of misfortune, did she get her wand before or after her best friend was killed? And if it was before, what did she go through to warrant a magical object?

Then, last but not least, can her power be used when she isn’t directly in front of the person. I mean, considering her music, can she turn an entire concert hall into slaves or even someone over the phone? There are so many questions to ask.

Dangers In The Background: Sarina, Kaname

With Aya and Yatsumura being friends, and Nijimin seemingly wanting to join the duo, it seemed, at first, the only issue would be that Nijimin would probably kill Rina on sight. However, then we are reminded Sarina is alive and, not to be forgotten, Kaname has been building up stress that he hasn’t unleashed on Aya.

But, the bigger issue will be Sarina for with the Site Admin appearing by Rina’s bedside, seemingly ridding her of her Magical Girl abilities, they see Sarina and may have just made her a magical girl.


Sarina watching Aya after she and Yatsumura leave Rina's room.

Well, when we learned Nijimin was only psycho when it came to Rina, someone had to become the stand-in villain until the Tempest arrived. Plus, with her surviving, and Aya just disappearing as she did, it seems only natural for her to question what went down. So her seeking answers, perhaps trying to get revenge, is going to make episode 4 quite interesting. Especially if it is going to act as the episode where Aya gets over her feelings of guilt and kills someone on purpose.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Can anyone, even designated Magical Girls, use the magical objects?
  2. When they use their magic and spend their “life force,” can or does it replenish?


  1. Aya and Yatsumura’s friendship.
  2. Sarina coming back with a vengeance.

On The Fence

  1. Whether the Tempest will live up to the hype.

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