Magical Girl Site: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Tempest” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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After a very memorable introduction, we are now introduced to what Aya and even Yatsumura have to worry about. Making it seem this series might actually be good.

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Director(s)Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s)Takayo Ikami
Air Date4/13/2018
Actors Introduced
RinaAina Suzuki

A Quick and Easy Explanation: Yatsumura, Aya

Who is Yatsumura, what is her power, what are Magical Girls? Well, that’s easy. From what it seems, Magical girls are chosen due to their level of misfortune in life and given magical tools. Of which, there seems to be a countless number but, based on the opening, and what we see in episode, there are at least 8 different kinds. Each one has a different power, from stopping time, changing what a person looks like, and sending someone off somewhere.

These abilities though come at a cost. Using them means using a bit of your life each time. Something which you can monitor by looking at the tattoo that appears on your arm when you use the magic.


I personally enjoyed that the foundation, or rather rules, is being laid clear out with not a huge amount of mystery being left. That is, besides whether the other magical girls are friend or foe usually. Plus, after seeing the abuse of episode one, you have to give the show props for somehow remaining interesting without the grotesque torture we saw Aya go through.

Aya wondering what happened to Yatsumura.

However, with it being noted how most, if not perhaps all, the Magical Girl suffer from some kind of misfortune, you have to wonder what Yasumura’s is. It is kind of strange she didn’t have to contact anyone, or maybe we didn’t see her do so, in order to spend the night at Aya’s. Could she be homeless or maybe from a similar family environment? In her own way, it seems she likes being around Aya for more than safety so maybe she presents the type of people she rarely gets to see.

The Magical Hunter: Rina, Yatsumura, Aya,

With the basics down, now the bigger picture is talked about. The first being Yatsumura’s investigation into the Magical Girl Site. Of which she was doing with a girl named Rina. However, it is feared someone known as “The Magical Hunter” may have killed her for her object. Since, as we learn, any other magical girl can use your object. Thus making it appear that would be the fear of the season.

That is until The Magical Hunter appears, is revealed to be Rina, is captured, interrogated, and then dies.


Well, that was quick. No sooner do we learn about The Magical Hunter, she is captured, the mystery behind her existence revealed, and she mysteriously dies. Which, while watching, seemed kind of cool but in retrospect, it was kind of a letdown. But what makes it kind of worse is we get some new psycho to worry about who seems to have a goal which doesn’t deal with survival, as was Rina’s goal, but simply to kill

The Tempest: Rina, Yatsumura

During Rina’s interrogation, she reveals she had some form of communication with the site admin of Magical Girl Site. In this, she learns about the Tempest and the end of days. Of which is August 11th. Now, how exactly would have gathering all the magical items have helped her survive isn’t really understood, but the whole Magical Hunter thing was rushed.


A new crazy villain.

It’s cool we got a big evil and now the pressure is on, but something seems off here. I don’t know if it is the fact as soon as we got a villain they were killed off and replaced, or this whole Tempest seeming a bit too large of an obstacle. Especially since these magical items, while they have power, stopping time or teleporting someone isn’t going to help with what looks like an all-powerful demon. Much less a being which may have every single girls’ power just naturally.

So how exactly they’ll handle the Tempest while dealing with his homicidal new, placeholder, villain has to be figured out. But, otherwise, things seem to be maintaining so no complaints there.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How will Sarina, and her friends, deal with Aya? Especially considering she went from in the room to suddenly having left and it appearing Sarina slit her own throat?
  2. Will Kaname try something with Yatsumura?


  1. The show seems like, even without nauseating abuse, it could be decent.

Low Points

  1. The possibility of dealing with on psychopath after another. Especially if they are of the giggling or “Kill, Kill, Must Kill” variety.

On The Fence

  1. Rina becoming this weirdly comical psychopath sort of took away from the first episode’s tone. In terms of the show being kind of morose and featuring a bunch of damaged girls gaining autonomy and, in the long run, probably having to save the people who made their lives miserable.

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