Aya and Yatsumura holding hands in bed.

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As the girls from the other site meet Aya and co., so increases the sisterhood and the unfortunate seeming rather blissful.

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Director(s) Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s) Takayo Ikami
Air Date 5/18/2018
Actors Introduced
Kiyo Matsui Eriko
Asahi Lynn
Mikari Kaede Hondo
Sayuki Mao Ichimichi

I Will Have My Revenge: Nijimin, Aya, Yatsumura, Rina

With the plan to snatch an admin set, so begins everyone going back to their normal lives. Well, not before a rather hard conversation. One in which Aya and Yatsumura decide to talk to Nijimin who, with her magical underwear, could have really killed them on sight. However, she lets them explain why they kept her from killing Rina and she understands – to a point. In fact, she agrees to help with the whole kidnapping an admin thing but forewarns the girls, she will kill Rina on sight.

Which, with Rina transferring into Aya, Yatsumura, and Nijimin’s class, that promise almost got put into effect within the same day. However, with Yatsumura tackling her and covering her mouth, and Aya snatching off her underwear, vengeance will not come that day.


Nijimin biting her nails and upset after Aya and Yatsumura keep her from killing Rina.
“I’m not forgiving either of you.”

I’m trying to understand, how in the world are you going to tackle someone, take off their panties, run away with them, and not be expelled? Nevermind Nijimin being a pop idol, you basically full on assaulted someone for reasons you can’t even say the honest reason for. Which, surprisingly, doesn’t lead to any real consequences from Nijimin either? Who I was fully expecting to pursue revenge on at least Yatsumura. Maybe she wouldn’t touch Aya because of her crush on her brother, but Yatsumura not being used to push how Nijimin will mess Aya up if she interferes again seemed out of character.

After all, Nijimin clearly isn’t all bark and no bite. But I guess with one friend dead, and having mixed feelings about the girls, she is slightly willing to give them a chance. Even if they repeatedly disappoint her.

Meet The Girls: Amagai, Aya, Rina, Yatsumura, Nijimin

As said, the girls from multiple magical sites have congregated with hopes that kidnapping an admin will lead to answers about the tempest. Leading to another round of introductions. Of which we meet Sayu, a seemingly high-class young woman whose stick allows her to cut down anything. Mostly by it becoming stone and then her being able to break it. I know weird, but eventually you have to run out of ideas.

Following her is Mikari, another possibly rich magical girl, who has a broomstick. You know, one that flies. There is also Asahi, who seemingly is a normal high school student, whose necklace gives her greatly enhanced physical abilities and then there is Kiyo. They are someone who was assigned male at birth but, based on presenting themselves as a girl and using the girl’s bathroom, assumingly identify as a girl. Their stick allows a direct connection to someone’s mind. Something they plan to use, later in life, to torture their bullies.

Making it so, together, they have not just the powers needed to perhaps get one admin but also protect Rina, Aya, and Yatsumura as they try to get theirs.


The girls of the other magical girl sites.
Left to right: Mikari – Sayuki – Amagai – Kiyo

While it is undeniably clear why Kiyo would be chosen, why Asahi, Sayuki and Mikari? Sayuki and Mikari seemingly come from wealth and Asahi, unless something sinister was happening, seems average as well. This is in comparison to Yatsumura who was an orphan who feared for her life, Aya who was beaten within an inch of her life, Nijimin who traumatically lost her best friend and was likely psycho before that and Amagai who is a cutter.

Which, with bringing her up, can it just be said the way this show handles her being a cutter is very disturbing. Not in a Thirteen Reasons Why, mirror to the people, this is real life kind of way. If anything, it is twisted like some weird kind of comical thing. Like when Mikari and Kiyo were arguing and she was threatening to cut herself, the way it was voiced and animated seemed so inappropriate.

But, we’re talking about a show which has a young girl’s panties give her the power to control people.

It Can’t Be All Sleepovers and Bliss: Amagai, Rina, Yatsumura, Aya, Nana, Sarina

Two things Amagai presents puts a bit of a damper on post-revival life. First and foremost, while her blood does heal, it doesn’t increase a person’s lifespan. Meaning, more than likely, Aya, Rina, and Yatsumura won’t make it to adulthood. There is also another thing mentioned but because of a train, we don’t hear the specifics.

Also, another thing which is an issue is Sarina has all of the girls magical sticks and with her still on a revenge track, and sort of working with Nana, she is nothing but trouble. Though, so is Nana as she exhibits her powers to make sure Sarina doesn’t join the rest of the girls and becomes meddlesome.

But, despite a handful of dampers, when it comes to Aya and Yatsumura, their bliss grows. As they share a bed and talk about the beach, have conversations in a bathtub, arguably neither has ever been happier in life. Even if Rina is now living with them.


Nana, sitting in a chair, talking to Sarina.

All things considered, while I get Sarina’s negative energy is needed for the Tempest, at the same time if she got defeated, her sticks could cause a problem in the wrong hands. So Nana letting her keep them seemed sort of like a bad idea. Though, all things considered, does hatred and using their powers to fight site admins count towards the admins’ ultimate goals?

And really, there still remains a lot of questions about who and what the admins are? Such as, are they immortal and can they even really be caught? With Nana doing gun finger like shot that had the velocity to move clouds away, what chance do the girls have? Much less, with her being able to disappear and appear as she pleases, how will any of their magic work? Not to forget, can it even work against an admin? Aren’t they the creators of this stuff?


  1. As the girls find a community, they become less unfortunate and it is adorable to see them happy.
  2. The fight between Sarina and the girls, much less Nana/the Admins and the girls, has my interest piqued.

On The Fence

  1. Nijimin not attacking Aya or Yatsumura for getting in her way seemed to be done for the sake of the plot than being real to the character.
  2. Does Kaname have much of a purpose anymore?

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