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Magical Girl Site ends with an ellipsis. One which makes it clear that the girls have barely begun their fight and they’d need a second season to finish what they started. Network Amazon Prime Director(s) Tadahito Matsubayashi Writer(s) Takayo Ikami Air Date 6/22/2018 Trigger Warnings: Sodomy Alluded To Towards End The Purpose of the Tempest…

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Magical Girl Site ends with an ellipsis. One which makes it clear that the girls have barely begun their fight and they’d need a second season to finish what they started.

Amazon Prime
Director(s) Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s) Takayo Ikami
Air Date 6/22/2018

Trigger Warnings: Sodomy Alluded To Towards End

The Purpose of the Tempest & Role of the King: Nana, Yatsumura

Being that Yatsumura is becoming indoctrinated, she gets to know the answer to many of the questions we have held since the beginning. Who or what is the Tempest? Well, it is a being which will wipe misfortune, and the holders of it, off the planet. How does it show up? Well, the king will summon it. Who is the king? One of the most unfortunate girls of all who is a mage. How will they summon the Tempest? Using the now sea of negative energy in the world.

All of this is fed to us, and Yatsumura, and then a giant eye forces her to get into a killer mindset so that she may do her administrative duties.


The evil eye hypnotizing Yatsumura.
Evil Eye: The King has chosen you as an administrator.

So, a few questions: Are all of the admins indoctrinated by the eye and is the King controlling the eye or is that a whole separate entity? Then, in terms of the King being a mage, considering it can raise the Tempest and may have a hand in making an unlimited amount of admin slaves, how powerful are they? Also, in terms of its misfortune, what went down exactly? Was it some kind of Salem Witch Trial torture?

Not to forget, could it be, despite looking like a girl, the king is a boy with long hair that wears a dress? I mean, the show has a cast of eccentric characters and people so you never know really.

Time For The Finale: Aya, Nana, Yatsumura, Sayuki, Mikari

Risen from the dead, Aya finds herself facing off against Yatsumura while Nana just follows and giggles to herself. While that happens, Sayuki is still fighting off the admin in the okame mask. One she somehow defeats by Mikari taking her up, on her broom, to the top of a building, harnessing the power of lighting and striking the admin down. Don’t ask how she harnessed the power of lightning and why that somehow defeated an admin which could mass reproduce itself. That isn’t answered. All we know is that admin gets defeated.


So many, many questions. First being, what does it honestly take for you to go from a human girl to looking like Nana or the others? On top of that, how fragile are these admins really? Do they all have different levels of strength and, if so, how do they gain more? Is it based on how many girls they recruit and how much misfortune they got? Could it be based on how horrible their life was and how much anger, even in the afterlife, they have?

Because the okame mask losing to Sayuki because of this strange lightning bolt attack seemed rather odd – if not plain convenient. Especially since, on top of being defeated, we didn’t get to see her human remains. Does this mean that the strong ones are human but the rest can be made out of a mix of multiple humans’ misfortune? I’m so confused because the admin’s ending was abrupt and anti-climatic.

Calm Before The Storm: Aya, Yatsumura

Using the power of friendship and love, Aya is able to break the spell over Yatsumura. In fact, she may have transported herself into the past to ease Yatsumura’s misfortune. Because of that, Yatsumura regains control and together they both use their powers so Nana can be hit by a train. Making it seem that love could really expel the misfortune of the Magical girls.

Something which seems unheard of and while not a big deal to whoever seats at the head of the admin table, it is treated as noteworthy. If only because it presents an alternative to the king’s beliefs and that is a problem. One which three new admins address but it seems we won’t see heads or tails of them until the second season.


A field of flowers and an eclipse.

I’m a little confused. So, at this point, does Yatsumura have a new lease on life, part of Aya’s or what? Is she possibly immortal and in terms of using powers, can it now use their love vs. life force? While the rules have been established for magical girls, Yatsumura has reached what might be a new level so now there is a need to question if she is dealing with a different set?

But, overall, the ending was frustrating. While it was certainly cute that Aya’s love conquered whatever that weird eye thing did, Nana’s end was just so not worthy of the first season’s primary villain. Though, to add insult to injury, when it came to Kaname, they made it a point to show him being sodomized for reasons I can’t even fathom. Maybe karma, maybe to reobtain that sense of shock the first episode had? Either way, it felt unnecessary and uncomfortable.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  1. Sarina is saved from death.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What day is it now? Have we passed the day the king wanted to release the Tempest?
  2. How many magical girl items are there?!


  1. We found out more about the King and the reason why they wanted to summon The Tempest.

Low Points

  1. Each admins end, for this episode, just didn’t feel like it was season finale worthy.
  2. Kaname being sodomized seemed so unnecessary.

On The Fence

  1. While Yatsumura being healed by Aya’s love was cute, I must admit evil Yatsumura feels like something which should have been dragged out and developed more.

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