Magical Girl Site (Mahou Shoujo Site): Season 1/ Episode 11 “The Rebel Girls” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In this episode, we finally learn what are site admins and how they come to be. At least, all but the original one.

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Director(s)Tadahito Matsubayashi
Writer(s)Takayo Ikami
Air Date6/15/2018

An Ambush: Aya, Yatsumura, Rina, Sarina, Sayuki, Kiyo, Asahi

Finally, a trap is set for a site admin but not Nana. Being that Nana knows many of their sticks too well, they go after another one. The admin with the weird mouth which looks like he is doing a wolf whistle.

Now, the battle seems like it will be over quick at first, since Rina takes off its leg. However, once aware of the girls and what they can and will do, it seems like it is going to kill the girls. Especially since it can grab Rina’s hammer and stop her attack. Luckily, three on one helps keep the admin at bay and when Aya transports them to the roof, with her yo-yo Sarina finishes them off.

Unfortunately, though, Sayuki, Kiyo, and Asahi find themselves also facing a site admin, the pudgy geisha looking one, but they’re the ones ambushed. And considering only Sayuki has a power which can fight them off, they seem doomed.


Rina revealing what their plan was.
Rina: Out ambush was a decoy

There is really only one thing to say: Why did both sides wait so damn long? Nana has been talking about these girls being a nuisance for ages? Heck, we saw them take out maybe three of them before right? So why was there a long pause before this episode? Did they figure they’d just wait for the clock to run out, The Tempest would show, and then their problems would be over?

Then with the girls, I recognize Sarina having their sticks slowed them down but considering it took only 3 or 4 to take down one admin. So comes the question of whether they could have made more progress before this. For while there is a need to note their weapons can be stopped and destroyed by admins, that is only if they are being focused on. As seen by the death of that one admin, catch them off guard and their life is over.

But I guess safety in numbers was high up on the priority list.

The Truth About Site Admins: Rina, Aya, Yatsumura

After the death of the admin, and a ridiculous amount of smoke, we come to learn that the admins are girls.


A reveal that site admins are, or were, people.
“What’s going on here?”

Okay, taking note of this information, so comes the question of how do the girls transform into these twisted looking beings? We get the answer as to how they become admins in the next topic, but what leads to their physical transformation? Much less their voice changing and them getting innate powers? Are those powers based off their sticks?

One Last Stand: Yatsumura, Aya, Nana, Sarina

As the realization happens that the admins are girls, Nana makes her presence known and quickly takes out Sarina as payment for her betrayal. Following that, she faces off with Yatsumura who uses up her remaining life force to protect Aya and Rina, while trying to kill Nana. And while Yatsumura does is cut off an arm, she ends up dying. Which of course leads to a lot of waterworks from Aya and yet another reveal.

Said reveal being, likely after a magical girl uses up her life force, she becomes a site admin.


New question: How did this all start? I get that, once you use up your life force, there is a chance you become an admin – that’s handled. However, how did the original come about? Also, what’s with the different looks of the admin? Take for example the geisha one, how did that happen? There is a desire to believe she was a magical girl until a certain age and then died but, the admin we saw Sarina kill was not a boy or masculine at all, yet she became what she did.

Really making me wonder, how many, if any, answers are we going to get in the finale? Much less, has the Tempest been completely forgotten by anyone besides me? I know what they are and what they look like, but they have become such an afterthought at this point.


  1. A lot of information about how admins become who they are, and who they are beneath their masks, gets revealed.
  2. More characters die and that ups the question of whether these girls may survive the Tempest.

Low Points

  1. Does anyone even care about the Tempest at this point?

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