Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish): Season 1/ Episode 5 “Destruction Baby” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) Mugi comes back into focus and with that, you’d think things would return to how they were. However, with him reflecting on his past and questioning how Hana can fit into his present, it seems he wants something to…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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(From: http://mangastream.tumblr.com/)
(From: http://mangastream.tumblr.com/)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

Mugi comes back into focus and with that, you’d think things would return to how they were. However, with him reflecting on his past and questioning how Hana can fit into his present, it seems he wants something to change.

Topic 1: He Was So Boring, Until Now (Kanai & Akane)

With Akane being bored of her life being controlled by a series of bells, she decides to keep humoring Kanai for some sort of entertainment. However, with him not into drinking and being a genuinely good guy, one that would ask permission before having sex and everything, she is bored to the point of tears. That is until Kanai accidently calls Akane by Hanabi’s name and reveals his relationship with her. With this, she is reminded that her boredom can be cured by torturing Hanabi. So, to stick a pin in Hanabi, she has sex with Kanai and tells Hanabi the next day.


As of now, Akane is my favorite villain of this season, anime or live action. While I know there is going to be some nonsense when I hear her voice, or see her face, I’m looking forward to it. Just because she is so messy and is not even a slight bit ashamed of it. Though I got to admit, I’m really wondering how her story is going to end. Will we leave her in the same state we met her where she is just playing guys for attention or will she perhaps fall for Kanai? I mean, I doubt she is going to change but it’s hard to pin down what this woman may do to keep her life interesting. Especially once she gets bored with torturing Hanabi.

Topic 2: I Always Knew (Mugi)

Mei returns to the show, after her introduction in episode 3, and through her it is revealed Mugi knew about the type of woman Akane has been for awhile. Yet, despite that, he still was snared into her trap. But what is more interesting here is Mei and Mugi’s relationship. Something he revisits and leads to a hookup. One in which it makes it seem Mei took the initiative a lot in their relationship, including asking for sex. Yet Mugi contacting her for it, after however long they dated before, this moment now maybe the first. Yet, being that she is still a bit jilted over how things turned out, she has sex with him, bathes and gives light chat, and then leaves.


One of the things I love about Mugi, and especially this episode, is because Mugi isn’t like the majority of guys written in anime. He isn’t some dweeb or blank slate who has no personality yet these girls gravitate to him. Through his interactions with Noriko, we have seen him be comical and kind. With the time he has spent with Hanabi, you can see he probably does make for a good boyfriend. Yet, he isn’t perfect.

But perhaps the thing I really want to hone in on is that we see he has needs beyond the physical. With him noting how Mei didn’t spend the night, how he was surprised she showed up when he called or texted, there was vulnerability. Something you don’t see in men, when it comes to anime, without a comic relief moment following trying to mask their hurt. With Mugi though, that wasn’t there.

For a while now it seemed that he loved Akane because she was beautiful and unobtainable, but with this episode, it seems like he only moved onto her because he lost Mei. Someone he didn’t cherish and make feel secure while he was with her and now he misses that. Which leads me to the last topic.

Topic 3: DTR – Define the Relationship (Mugi and Hanabi)

With Hanabi having slept with Ecchan and Mugi with Mei, after not speaking and hanging out for awhile these two come back together. Neither really wants to talk about the past and what they learned about the person the other truly wants, yet there remains something there. They kiss and they can tell each other had slept with another person. However, with no true claim to the other person, it is fine.

However, once more, Hanabi tries to push them past their deal and when they try she has him stop. Things were too painful and at first, Mugi accepts this and seems alright with a few kisses and some chatting. But with him noting she is the reason they can’t have sex, and asking her to go out with him for real, Hanabi walks away. It isn’t clear why, since she notes she hates being lonely, but I guess there are some fears, regarding her dad leaving her mom, which may still haunt her.


From what is said in regards to how each other can tell from a kiss the other had sex with someone else, a part of me wondered if they could feel the difference. As if the sex and intimacy they were having with someone else was just about filling their emptiness rather than actually getting to enjoy the passion without guilt. Perhaps, to put it another way, enjoying someone wanting you and you wanting them rather than it being just wanting a person to validate your existence.

Leading me to backtrack a bit for one thing which should be noted as important is that when Hanabi’s dad left her mom, she was forced, at a young age, to bear the emotional burden of her mom. Something that she was only able to release with Kanai. So, relating that to Mugi, I think his comment blaming her hit a nerve. One which snatched her ability, at the time or at least for awhile, to feel comfortable in being vulnerable with Mugi. After all, he would have been her first and she is in a weird place right now. There is this desire to self-fulfill a prophecy of being alone despite having Ecchan and Mugi want her. Yet, it seems there is something in her which sees Kanai as the only one who fully gets her and has what she wants. He is a nice guy, someone she can be vulnerable with without fear, and who probably, over the years, has gotten her sense of humor. Ecchan will never be a guy and Mugi made it seem she can’t be without some sort of wall up now. So what is she to do? What are her real options now?

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  1. Interesting post. And one where it asks probing questions. I do like your analysis on Mugi (and generally the entire epi). And yes, you hit in one. Men can also be emotional. Men do have emotional needs as well as physical ones. It isn’t all about the “notch under the belt” as society thinks and expects of men. Keep it up!!.

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