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While it is shown no beast can handle Ernie and his upgrade of the Silhouette Knights, as for if the boy can handle the betrayal of his fellow human being? That is up for debate.

Meeting with Marquis Dixgard: Ernie, Marquis Dixgard

Remember the silver haired man from the throne room? The one who found it ridiculous a child was asking about the Ether Reactor? Well, with the twins sending word to their dad about the advances Ernie has made, he orders all of Ernie’s Silhouette Knights to come under his possession. Following that, he meets with this middle school boy who has made such great leaps and bounds in a short time.

Leading to him becoming bewildered and a little pissed. If only because of how brilliant, nonchalant, and even humble Ernie is. He, by himself, has done such revolutionary work yet he dares call what he did a hobby. The thing which could give him so much prestige and power he just shrugs off. Doesn’t even care if Marquis Dixgard is the one to present it to the king even. All he wants to do is keep working toward a better knight. Of which requires him learning about the Ether Reactor.


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I don’t know how and why I got/ am into this show. The way Ernie is about these mechs is low-key technical and nerdy past what usually keeps my interest. I mean, if you look through the archives, sci-fi [note]If you cut out Marvel films[/note] is as low on the totem pole as Horror productions. However, there is something about the way he gets excited about the tech which is infectious. To the point, it is like, as the narrator goes on and on, you are some kid in a well taught history class with your head in your hands star struck.

Making me wonder, as time goes on, will we see Ernie ever fail? Much less, fail miserably at something? For, as of now, he just seems a little too perfect right? The kid can literally fight off demons without a suit and do some damage! Much less survive! So, while brilliant, I think someone needs to take him down a notch. Leading to our next topic.

The Order of the Bronze Fang

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We are taught that on the continent of Zetterlund, the kingdoms are split by the Aubigne mountains and connected by the Great Bocuse Forest, where demon beasts originate. Where Ernie and the rest are from is the eastern kingdom of Fremmevilla. Leaving to question, who represents the west? The Occident as they are called.

Well, it seems The Order of the Bronze Fang is one of their reps. If not at least someone from that area. And it seems, on top of desiring the Silhouette Knights that Ernie created, they want war. As for why? This isn’t said. What is known though is that they have already launched what the narrator has said is a history changing event. One which surely will test Ernie and further define his legend.



I just want to know more about the west at this point. Especially because there is clearly beef from probably a past lost against the Fremmevilla kingdom. Though, who knows, while the king of the east seemed nice, maybe he is a horrible person. Maybe his Silhouette Knights have produced Martial law across the Occident? Fingers crossed to finding out what really inspired this group to start a war. Unless it is for the sake of chaos.

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