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Knights & Magic ends just as the way you’d think it would. There are no twists, shocking moments or anything. Just more glory for Ernie’s legacy.

The Fall of Zaloudek: Ernesti, Lord Gojass, Kid

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Despite Lord Gojass’ Blood Grail, naturally no matter what he comes up with he is no match for Ernesti. Which leads to an overall disappointing fight. This includes when Doloteo, after the Vyver is defeated, basically turning the ship into a kamikaze and planning to use the ship to at least take out Eleonora. Yet, that too fails. For the jet engine on Ernesti’s ship is able to drastically slow down the Vyver and Kid, using his centaur silhouette knight, strikes a death blow to Doloteo.

Yet, despite him killing the person manning the ship, thus leading to it just dropping out of the sky, he gets saved by Ernesti. Making it so, the death toll for Zaloudek is high but the Order of the Phoenix leaves this war with everyone accounted for. Leading to another villain being decimated, including the royal family that is left for Catarina kills herself and her brother? Well, between a dungeon and being slaughtered, you know one of the two are bound for his future.

The Aftermath: Ernesti, Kid, Eleonora, Lord Gojass

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With the powers that controlled Zaloudek dead, in exile, or imprisoned, it leaves Lord Gojass to find new sponsors for his latest tech. Something he has all the intentions of doing, especially learning he has a worthy adversary now. But, until then, it seems Ernesti has brought peace to the region. With that, he is offered whatever he wants and his choice is his own lab. A sort of lowball decision to some, but this is perhaps the first of many requests. After all, he has done so much and the known world is in debt to him.

After all, he is probably part of the reason airships are now as common as silhouette knights. Now allowing for quicker travel between kingdoms and cities. But, oh, one last thing. It seems Kid and Eleonora, one day, might become something. She certainly has feelings for him, maybe he for her as well, but for now, he is playing it cool. Much to the ire of the women of the Order of the Phoenix. Both of which find the men on the team to be too clueless to stand.


Lord Gojass Is Alive

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I don’t know if there may be a sequel or even an OVA, but knowing Lord Gojass is alive at least makes it seem someone out there can present a real challenge to Ernesti. Though with how he lost so publicly and brutally to him, despite all his firepower, who knows if anyone may ever invest in Lord Gojass’ tech again. Much less, in his lifetime, really decide to challenge the power balance Fremmevilla maintains.


It’s So Anti-Climatic

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I don’t know if it is because I’m used to such heavy action anime resulting in death and bloodshed, or the fact Ernesti has pretty much not faced one significant challenge, but it made his victor seem like nothing. There was never this vibe Ernesti was playing the David in this pseudo-David vs. Goliath battle. For when has Ernesti ever been the underdog? Yes, people have tried to hold his age against him but, at this point, his legend is so well known that no one even brings up he is barely a teenager.

And with watching Knights & Magic, I fully understand now why we usually are given heroes who are out of place, novices, and things of that nature. For truly following an expert who has the privilege to do what he loves, and be rewarded for such efforts, is a boring thing to watch. Especially as people fall over like dominoes despite their prejudice or hesitation with working with him.

But most of all, what sucks about how this show ended is that they really didn’t have Ernie break much of a sweat. His barely updated machine took out the Vyver which multiplied its power to a ridiculous extent. I mean, I’m all for our hero making a way out of no one but this show went to a ridiculous extent.

Making it so, even the happy ending left me feeling kind of bleh. For it really did push the idea that this show had no intentions of ending with an exclamation mark. Instead, it leaves us with a sort of ellipsis as if there could be another arc which repeats everything we already have seen.

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  1. Just finished this episode. This show has been so consistently frustrating and the final episode was no exception. I’m really looking forward to drafting a series review as I kind of need to vent at this point. What makes it more annoying is there are so many potentially great points that this show has and yet it doesn’t manage to use any of them to tell a good story.

    1. I’ve kind of forgotten the good things about this show outside of the occasional mech fight that was entertaining. I’m still looking for answers in regards to this reincarnation – that has me hanged up a bit.

      1. They never did do anything with the whole reincarnation thing. I still really like the concept of mixing magic and robots. That works well as a premise but doesn’t amount to much when the story is that broken.

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