Knight’s and Magic: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Scrap & Build” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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With Ernie defeating a behemoth, so comes the question of what is next? Well, revolutionizing the Silhouette Knights of course. Which definitely brings some unfriendly eyes.

Meeting The King & Interested Parties: Ernie, Addy, Kid 1

Ernie meets the king and despite, in the last episode, him seeming threatened, he kind of welcomes Ernie with open arms. He even says, if he is impressed, Ernie can learn how to make an Ether Reactor. Something which, one of the king’s men, Dixgard, seems vehemently against.

But, alongside Dixgard, there are other interested parties in this prodigy. Such as Addy and Kid’s father. Someone who you can tell they aren’t close with, but seems to have taken quite the interest in Ernie. However, being that he essentially is asking his kids to spy on him, who knows if he should be considered an ally, foe, or just someone looking for a come up on the back of Ernie’s work.


Oh, the ego of adults. Well, I guess with it seeming even top division class demons not being something for Ernie to worry about, it would have to be mankind. Especially those who are embarrassed by a child doing more in his 12 years than they have in 30 or more. But, you have to wonder, would they go as far as to sabotage, maybe even kidnap or kill, Ernie to rid themselves of the embarrassment?

With demons, their intentions are clear. It is feed, kill, and defend. With humans though? It is far more complicated than that. Which makes the whole Addy and Kid thing interesting. For who knows how much they may be willing to win their father’s approval at the expense of Ernie. Someone who, quite gleefully, has taught them everything he knows and considers them more than friends but allies.

Though I gotta say, I low-key may grow tired of Addy’s advances. If only because they don’t seem like they may get anywhere.

The Building of Improved Silhouette Knights and Introduction of Silhouette Gear: Helvi, Edgar, Ernie, Batson

With a blessing from the king, his grandfather Raul’s backing, and many a genius plan, Ernie, Batson, and the rest of the engineer dwarfs really get to work. First by creating strand-type crystal tissue 2. Then they make it so the Silhouette Knights have four arms. Two for close quarters combat and then two for long range combat. Needless to say, all of it is considered revolutionary. But, of course, many don’t fully understand what is happening.

However, being that Helvi and Edgar, the two high school pilots from the last episode, have a rivalry, she is fine having her knight modified for this. Hell, Dietrich even gets on board for Ernie’s side project which he calls a Silhouette Gear. Something which basically is a mecha suit minus the Magius Engine 3.

But, the real focus is making Ernie’s Silhouette Knight modifications be functional in real world situations. So, through a mock battle between Helvi and Edgar, we get to really see it in action. Leaving us the impression that Ernie has caused a major leap in technology but hasn’t reached the point of maxing out the current blueprint’s potential.


Can I just say I’m glad Helvi got to be the one piloting Ernie’s machine? For while it may seem minor, being that Addy is basically a sidekick/ love interest and her older sister isn’t that interesting, we needed at least one notable female character. One who kicked as much as, or potentially could, as the most skilled male.

But, that aside, I’m so glad between Ernie and the narrator that we got an explanation of what was happening. For, with me not being a big sci-fi geek, much less kind of tired to be honest, I felt a little lost. Yet, between the strand-type crystal tissue and other mods, we got to understand what does what and how the Silhouette Knights ultimately benefit from it. Much less, how and why some things still needed tweaking.

Those Who Lurk In The Darkness

As noted, there are many who take note of what Ernie is doing. However, while many may be praising his advances, naturally there are others suspicious of them. But, as for whether they mean ill will, wish to steal his inventions or what? Well, only time will tell.


As noted in the first topic, there is a question of what people may do to Ernie. But, alongside that, there is the question of what foreigners may try to do to him or with these machines he is making. For unlike, Shingeki no Bahamut, there is this sense we may really get to see the larger community of humans. Of which, as you can imagine, want there to be a diplomatic balance between each other. For if one king has all the advances, it doesn’t just mean their people are safer from monsters but also foreign governments. But, at the same time, that means the rest of the world is far from safe.

What's Your Take?

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Things To Note

  1. I am assuming his name here
  2. which I assume circulates mana, among other things
  3. Something like power steering which makes working the machine easier on the body
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