Knights and Magic Season 1 Episode 11 Hit Away Overview Recap with Spoilers

As the approved by Ernesti, written by Ernesti, tale of his triumphs over all opposition continues, another villain pathetically bites the dust.

Another One Bites The Dust: Ernesti, Cristobal

Naturally, someone like Cristobal, 2nd in line for the throne, commander of Zaloudek’s military, isn’t going to let anyone embarrass him. Yet, that is what Ernesti does. With anti-air weaponry, he takes down 5 ships and then lands on Cristobal’s flagship. Leading to a short battle in which Ernesti pretty much says, with her glossy from adrenaline eyes, either give me the mech or I kill you.

Leading to Cristobal trying to convince Ernesti to turn on his homeland but that doesn’t work. After all, Ernesti, in his own words, damn near has as much, if not more power, than a king at this point. Why would he trade that in to be a subordinate to anyone? So, with that said, rather than be killed by Ernesti, Cristobal kills himself and all the people who man his airship.

Kuschpercha Pushes Back: Eleonara, Ernesti

With Prince Cristobal defeated, it brings new life to the Kuschpercha. With Ernesti showing he is not only savvy with technology but deal making as well, they get his mechs for the war and any they destroy are his. All of which is said with the twisted glee of someone you’d think was an indifferent arms dealer, who only cares about getting paid.

Though, as his psychotic nature is less masked, he dials it back and makes it seem all he cares about is Kuschpercha getting back on its feet. Thus leading to the now Queen Eleonara to announce a rebuild of the kingdom. That and a return to their former dignified state.

A Real Challenge?: Catarina, Ernesti, Lord Gojass

After Cristobal’s death, naturally his sister Catarina is distraught. To the point that when Lord Gojass is talking about revenge and promises it, he is held tightly to his word. Not to the point of threatening his life, but definitely with her having a stern look. So, to avenge his prince, Lord Gojass comes up with this dragon like airship. Showing that, like Ernesti, Lord Gojass can learn from past experience as well. Now, as for whether that will be enough to finally present a real challenge to Ernesti? Well, let’s be real, it probably won’t.


A Possible Challenge

Knights and Magic Season 1 Episode 11 Hit Away Overview Recap with Spoilers May Ernesti finally have something which challenges him
May Ernesti finally have something which challenges him?

I want to be optimistic here, even as I acknowledge there are only maybe 2 episodes left so you know this dragon airship isn’t something to take too seriously. Especially since this show is increasingly making it clear that while civilians may live, named people die. Villains in particular.

So while I doubt this will be the end of the psychopath known as Ernesti, I must admit I was happy to see him shocked and worried for once. Though as said ever since we have been introduced to the Kingdom of Zaloudek, it does feel a little too little, too late.

Villains Have Emotions Too

Knights and Magic Season 1 Episode 11 Hit Away Overview Recap with Spoilers Catarina learns of Cristobals death

I’m the type who always has been fond of the idea that villains are only villains because we don’t get to see their point of view. Like with Kerhilt. It wasn’t made clear to us, but it could very well be her family once had its own kingdom but they were conquered by the Kuschpercha long ago. Making it where, by any means necessary, she was just trying to redeem her family’s name and status.

Now, as for those villains who are still living, I enjoyed that Catarina cried over her brother and didn’t insult him. You know, in terms of calling him an idiot or even just having a moment and then showing indifference. That display of vulnerability, to me, continues to push how unfortunate it is these characters didn’t come until late in the season. For considering how many times we have jumped months ahead, with summaries of what Ernesti did over those months, it leads me to believe they could have done that for most of the accomplishments we have thus far seen.


Another One Bites The Dust

Knights and Magic Season 1 Episode 11 Hit Away Overview Recap with Spoilers Bye Cristobal

Cristobal, another charismatic and interesting villain, lost his life in the simplest of ways. I mean, what’s the point of even building up a villain, making them seem like they can be a real challenge, if their send off is basically going to be a squash match? Make it epic, make it so Ernesti, or his peers, aren’t basically dodging all their attacks and cutting them down to size. Make it where it isn’t luck but truly skill! But I guess with the technology difference, that isn’t possible.

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  1. This show really does not seem interested in building up an antagonist, or in actually creating any kind of narrative flow. It just seems to want an opportunity to show off how brilliant Ernesti is. I’m going to be honest, I’m only watching it now because it really is too late in the season for a drop.

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