Just Because! Season 1 Episode 11 “Roundabout” – Mio

Everything is coming in alignment now for our group of kids. Leading you to wonder will we get something predictable or be thrown a curve ball?

Previous Recap: Episode 10 “Childhood’s End”

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Catching Up: Haruto, Izumi, Morikawa, Natsume

With it being a day or so before exams, everyone is catching up with old friends. Haruto and Izumi chat and Haruto relays Morikawa’s proposal of giving her some time and then they can be together. Which leads Izumi to be a little petty and bring up that with Morikawa’s new school being closer than where he moved to, it should be easy for him. So, in so many words, no excuses to not be consistent this time around.

Just Because! Season 1 Episode 11 “Roundabout” – Izumi and Haruto

But, from what it seems, with Haruto being older, this being a girl he likes, vs. a childhood friend, he’ll keep in touch. I mean, the two talk this episode and things go well. Granted, he lets it slip Izumi is basically stalking Natsume but to Morikawa, that’s fine. After all, she pretty much has put two and two together and knows Natsume likes Izumi. So him trying to follow her from high school to college perhaps is a bit endearing. Especially after her conversation with Natsume which makes it clear she has moved on from Haruto.

Final Decisions & Results: Komiya, Izumi, Natsume

It’s testing day and everyone is nervous as hell. Well, nervous, frustrated, exhausted, and definitely relieved once it is all over. But, in the long run, it seems it has all paid off. Natsume, Izumi, and Komiya seem to have all gotten what they wanted from their individual tests or contest.

Where To From Here?

Leading to the question of: Where to from here? Morikawa and Haruto are set. He gets settled in working, she with school, and they can revisit dating. However, what to do about Izumi, Natsume, and Komiya? Natsume is still very much in this longing glances phase and seems very easily dismayed about advancing things. Izumi still very much likes Natsume, but she isn’t engaging with him like she likes him. Plus, after getting a ride from Natsume’s older sister, and her noting she keeps it real with him, he figures what most people would. She keeps it real with me not because she likes me, but she is so comfortable that there isn’t a reason to put on the airs and graces you would with someone you are still courting or haven’t become official with yet.

Just Because! Season 1 Episode 11 “Roundabout” – Izumi

And then there is Komiya. As noted, there is this vibe that like how Natsume got over her unrequited crush of Haruto, that may just happen with Izumi. Komiya has been to Izumi, what Izumi has tried to been to Natsume. She has been supportive in every way you’d want a partner to be, even in terms of maybe not ending up with her crush. However, unlike Izumi, she has made her attraction to him clear as soon as she recognized it. With her, she pushed forward despite awkwardness and personal indecision. She asked him out and got some one on one time with him. All of which, may I add, was foreshadowed while Natsume was commuting from either taking or going to a test, or to and from school.

So how that love triangle gets resolved should be interesting.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Mio seemingly seeks to major in Education or something dealing with Human Sciences

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, are we going to meet Izumi’s old friend Nakaji and will they throw a monkey wrench into things?
  2. What is everyone’s major going to be?

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