Latina accelerates getting acclimated, possibly due to her past. Also, she gets lost and leads everyone to scramble.

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Latina accelerates getting acclimated, possibly due to her past. Also, she gets lost and leads everyone to scramble.

Director(s) Yanase Yuuji
Writer(s) Yoshioka Takao
Air Date 7/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
Chloe Kuwahara Yuuki
Rudy Tamura Mutsumi

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They Grow Up So Quickly: Dale, Latina, Kenneth, Rita

Within a week, Latina picks up how things are when living with Dale quite quickly. She is learning greetings, figuring out how to help around the pub, and Latina is becoming a beloved member of south Kreuz’s community.

LATINA IS LOST!: Dale, Latina, Kenneth, Rita

Which makes her getting lost when she goes with Kenneth to get potatoes a very scary moment for all. After all, she is tiny, still barely speaks the local language, and south Kreuz isn’t necessarily the place for a child. Being within the confines of the pub’s grounds are one thing but on your own? Totally different and there are even fears of kidnapping spoken.

Reunited & It Feels So Good: Dale, Latina, Rudy, Chloe

Chloe (Kuwahara Yuuki) looking shocked.
Chloe (Kuwahara Yuuki)

While Latina was wandering the central part of Kreuz, she runs into a bunch of kids. One named Rudy, the red-headed leader of a handful of boys, and another named Chloe – who beats the boys up often. Between those two, and the rest, we discover not only can Latina use magic, but said ability isn’t that common. The noble class, clergy, and adventurers know magic, but usually not the kids.

But their time together is short for between the kids and adventurers who frequent the pub, Latina is brought home safe and sound. Crying, as much as Dale, due to being lost and Latina making you wonder what was life like before considering how long and hard she cries?



Hints Of A Dark Past

Similar to The Rising of the Shield Hero, Latina’s past in If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord mirrors Raphtalia in this idea that she experienced massive amounts of trauma before the male lead came into her life. Which, based on the new episode intro, seemingly left her stunted in terms of growth and maybe also the development of her powers and emotions. So it should be interesting to see, as the show goes beyond playing on Latina’s age, how it will chronicle that trauma.

On The Fence

Latina’s Potential

Latina crying.

With that said, there is a need to wonder what can this show do with Latina outside of presenting her as this cute child? For while she can make us cry, get emotional, and be adorable now, just as much as you can build up a tolerance for violent anime, the same goes for cutesy anime like this. So what can Latina offer beyond what we’ve been given could make or break this show.

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  1. I liked that they made the drama a very human one with a lost child rather than focusing straight away on her back story or the fact that she is a demon. It means we still have plenty of places for this story to go and in the meantime watching them searching for a lost child was a fairly relatable crisis to overcome.

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